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#38434 P1 & S0 Port monitoring with Netduino Plus

Posted by Ellen on 03 November 2012 - 04:06 PM

Hello to All, As a member of the Tweaker forum club (I do the coffee for my father and my friend who do.....nothing) i want to inform you that there is quality software available on Codeplex for monitoring PV power and home boards. It is all in Beta status but I think (as student VB) from a high quality. Here is the link: Thank you and enjoy.

#33712 Netduino Plus Firmware v4.2.0

Posted by Ellen on 15 August 2012 - 07:59 PM

Chris, You did not tell that also Netduino SDK and .NET Micro Framework SDK v4.2Q2 is needed Without windows can not recognize the Netduino. Ellen

#33577 N+ hangs sometimes when try to receive Time

Posted by Ellen on 14 August 2012 - 09:03 AM


How can i resolve hanging my N+ when i want to sync my Netduino with a time server.

Function call:

"" : ntp ok, time,daytime busy, not recommended

He will sometimes hang when receive :


I can choose out of many servers but that is for now not the point.

How to resolve?
Thanks in advance, Ellen

        Private Shared Function NTPTime(ByVal TimeServer As [String]) As DateTime

            Dim ep As New IPEndPoint(Dns.GetHostEntry(TimeServer).AddressList(0), 123)
            Dim s As New Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Dgram, ProtocolType.Udp)
            Dim ntpData As Byte() = New Byte(47) {}
            Array.Clear(ntpData, 0, 48)

            ntpData(0) = &H1B
            s.SendTimeout = 5000

            s.SendTo(ntpData, ep)
            s.Receive(ntpData)     'with debugging, HERE he will stop.'

            Dim offsetTransmitTime As Byte = 40

            Dim intpart As Long = 0
            Dim fractpart As Long = 0

            For i As Integer = 0 To 3
                intpart = (intpart << 8) Or ntpData(offsetTransmitTime + i)

            For i As Integer = 4 To 7
                fractpart = (fractpart << 8) Or ntpData(offsetTransmitTime + i)

            Dim milliseconds As Long = CLng(intpart * 1000 + (fractpart * 1000) / &H100000000L)


            Dim timeSpan__1 As TimeSpan = TimeSpan.FromTicks(CLng(milliseconds) * TimeSpan.TicksPerMillisecond)
            Dim dT As New DateTime(1900, 1, 1)
            dT += timeSpan__1

            'daylight saving'
            If dT.Month < 3 OrElse dT.Month > 10 Then
                Return dT.AddHours(1)
            End If
            If dT.Month > 3 AndAlso dT.Month < 10 Then
                Return dT.AddHours(2)
            End If
            If dT.Month = 3 Then
                '      in march'
                If (dT.Day - CInt(dT.DayOfWeek)) < 25 Then
                    Return dT.AddHours(1)
                End If
                If (CInt(dT.DayOfWeek) = 0) AndAlso (dT.Hour < 2) Then
                    Return dT.AddHours(1)
                End If
                Return dT.AddHours(2)
            End If
            '      in october'
            If (dT.Day - CInt(dT.DayOfWeek)) < 25 Then
                Return dT.AddHours(2)
            End If
            If (CInt(dT.DayOfWeek) = 0) AndAlso (dT.Hour < 2) Then
                Return dT.AddHours(2)
            End If

            Return dT.AddHours(1)
        End Function

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