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Any suggestions for FPGA tutorial, examples, directions ?
Nov 12 2010 03:14 PM


Thanks for the answer! I've been getting my motors from the dump, out of all in one printers. Interfacing with them has been fun, since most of my cellar is filled with 1970-1990 HTL, TTL,e early CMOS stuff. Amazing what one collects after working manufacturing for 35 years !
Nov 12 2010 12:12 PM


I used a standard 1.5volt motor, you can get them from almost anything. I happened to take it out of my old toy tank. For RC I wired it directly to 3.3v on the netduino, thought putting it to the 5 cause it to restart(I am using USB power as of right now...) and for RB I used a 1k Ohm resistor.
P.S. I had to connect D6 to the base pin, ground to emitter, and the motor part to collector.
Nov 11 2010 08:49 PM


Nice post. We need more clean cut projects like that ! What did you use for a motor, and what was Rb and Rc?
Nov 11 2010 02:56 PM


Thanks for the analog post. Are you going to also post the Neduino Plus to WIndows code? I'm finding examples sorta thin in that area.
Nov 09 2010 03:01 PM

FrankMark H

It always seems to be Western Austalia. Isn't there an Eastern side ? < grin >
I've got a dear friend in Epsom Victoria 3551
Sep 26 2010 04:05 PM
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