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Suggestions, guidance,help

01 January 2011 - 04:58 PM

I just can't wrap my head around this one: I'm running the PHAnderson interface to a N+. Have also run it on a mini and a Netduino.\ And they work fine. If I was happy watching the output window of VS Exp print a value, I would have nothing but smiles. Debug.Print("A"+Tf.ToString() + "F"); I have the N+. I also have a simple website up on Nothing fancy, some links and a couple of pictures. Couldn't get much simpler, VS Web Express. I am putting a textbox on the website, called cellartemp1. Pretty easy to see where I'm going, or trying to go. I'm out of my league on this. It cannot be rocket science to put a single short string into a textbox. It ain't old age, nor Alzheimer's, I just do not understand either side;getting the N+ to send to that url, nor recogonizing it and putting it into the box at the site end. is what I want to send, I think. Basically a prefix letter and 8-12 digits, all in one string. Some guidance, suggestions, would be very welcome. :)

A project suggestion - for Netduino, Plus, or mini.

22 December 2010 - 09:52 PM

:D I was looking at the early membership dates, in July, and then when I joined in September, and noticed Chris said the Forum has had the 1000th member. Then I keep reading about the Netduino, the Plus,and the Mini being 'sold out" frequently. Sorta means there must be more than a few reading, playing, and either getting stuff built, or maybe getting bogged down in the hardware/software swamp. Lots of writers talking abut how they did this and that with the Arduino, but can't do the 'same thing' with the Netduino. Sorta means there are a lot of Netduino owners we don't hear from ! I'm sure all the more experienced members can agree, it all starts to be easier once you get through the 'mechanics', once you do the "Hello world" example, and have a little solid footing. Now, I'll be the first to admit, my solid footing isn't the best. But, I'm retired, and get off focus real easy. (Can you hear the gales of laughter from my wife?). What I would like to do is suggest some practical projects, that will be doable by almost all, and that should help people get started and keep smiling. ANd some of this thinking comes after reading , and enjoying, the book that got released a short while ago, "The Internet of Things". Project suggestion # 1: Read a DS18B20 sensor, and pass the data to a running program on the PC. No Internet, no extras, nothing fancy. But, it would make for a solid beginning. ANd it seems to me that between four or five folks on here, it would be quick and simple. Have I done it? Nope, I've done parts and pieces, and gotten side tracked trying to pass data to my .NET website ! And nothing exotic, or complicated. But it would give people, especially beginners, a place to hang their experience hat, and go forward. I would also suggest commented, detailed commented, code. Sooned or later, we're going to get a Netduino Wiki spot, and this type of project is a good place to build out from. My thoughts, for what they're worth!

Two applicable articles

15 December 2010 - 07:03 PM

Two articles in The Economist that certainly reflect the Netduino spirit ! I must have thought about this group and the Netduino 40 times while reading these. http://www.economist...internet_things http://www.economist...FTOKEN=60670936

Mini intimidation ?

23 November 2010 - 01:16 AM

The Mini arrived. And I opened it. Then I messed around thinking about how to power it. Plugged it into the 5 vdc from Arduino laying on the desk! I'm thinking, Nothing ! It just sat there. Well, yeah, since there is no LED to show power, no smoke, no sparks. I had nothing planned for the mini yet. And it just sat there. Drive me nuts overnight. Now it's talking to the PC through the FTDI cable, just a loop of the same text. Doesn't take much to make an old fart smile.

Netduino RS232

16 November 2010 - 08:00 PM

While the following works for the mini, am I correct that this DOES NOT work for the Netduino and the Plus ?

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