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#56314 Extensive driver for the MCP23S17 I/O expander

Posted by Fahdil on 23 February 2014 - 09:56 PM

It's clear enough for me... God thanks....


so.. for the LCD display,, there is no easier way to mix it with microLiquidCristalclass.

var lcdProvider = new GpioLcdTransferProvider(MCP23S17.Pins.GPIO_12, // RSMCP23S17.Pins.GPIO_11, // enableMCP23S17.Pins.GPIO_PIN_10, // d4MCP23S17.Pins.GPIO_PIN_9, // d5MCP23S17.Pins.GPIO_PIN_8, // d6MCP23S17.Pins.GPIO_PIN_7); // d7var myLcd = new Lcd(lcdProvider);myLcd.begin(16,2);

and..... maybe a little modification on LcdProvider Class....  ^_^

but First thing to do is lookin for the chip on the market. hepfh.... :blink:

#56147 Extending Analog Input using 4017 and 4066

Posted by Fahdil on 17 February 2014 - 05:58 PM

My project Goal is "Netduino Read 9 or more Analog Sensor".


Here I'm using Netduino+, with RTC on A4 and A5. so I just have 4 left more analog pin, but I used to read 9 analog sensor continuously. So I come with 4017 and 4066 to drive Analog Reading alternately.


here my schema:

Posted Image


Q0 => Humidity Sensor

Q1 => Distinguish-er (not a sensor... just a voltage divider to return 2.2v )

Q2 => Temperature

Q3 => Air Pressure

Q4 => Reset if you don't attaching any  more sensors.

Q5 - Q9 (we can add more sensor) but in my case I just need to use 3 sensor in a single analog pin.


whenever we trigger 4017,  it will send a 3.3v logic consecutively from Q0 to Q9 (except you reset it on middle).


This is one block of 4017 and 4066 as switcher. we can trigger the 4017 clock by using a single digital pin as output port. here, every 15sec netduino trigger 4017 to switch the analog input.

if (_getDistinguisher){    Distinguisher.Read(); //read analog input    while (Distinguisher.value < 2000) //millivolts    {	Switcher.Switch(); //trigger 4017 to switch the channel (send positive triger 50ms)        Distinghuiser.Read();        Thread.Sleep(490);    }    if (Distinguisher.value > 2000) // if analog input reads 2v    { Switcher.Channel = 0; _getDistinguisher = false; } // then reset the chanel}if (_Second % 15 == 0) //do switch every 15 sec.{    if (_timeToSwitch)    {        Switcher.Switch();        if (Switcher.Channel == 0 || Switcher.Channel == 4) { Switcher.Channel = 0;         _getDistinguisher = true; }        _timeToSwitch = false;    }}else { _timeToSwitch = true; }

and we can read analog input alternately, here I use a simple code: (read 3 Analog sensor in asingle Analog Pin)

switch (Switcher.Channel) //these all Analog Read from Analog_GPIO_A0{   case 0:	Distinguisher.Read();        _currentReadValue = "Ch 0: " + Distinguisher.valueToString;//to display on Lcd        break;    case 1:        AirTemprature.Read();        AirTemprature.Collect(AirTemprature.value);        _currentReadValue = "Ch 1: " + AirTemprature.valueToString;        break;    case 2:        Humidity.Read();        HumidityContainer.Collect(Humidity.value);        _currentReadValue = "Ch 2: " + Humidity.valueToString;        break;    case 3:        AirPress.Read();        AirPressContainer.Collect(AirPress.value);        _currentReadValue = "Ch 3: " + AirPress.valueToString;        break;    default:	break;    }

Here's my note:

4017 is not always start with channel 0 on the start Up. That's why I do this (keep read and switch until we got the distinguish-er. 

    while (Distinguisher.value < 2000)    {	Switcher.Switch(); //trigger 4017 to switch the channel        Distinguisher.Read();        Thread.Sleep(490);    }

I'm still work with the code... so I cant attach it yet :P (sorry)... I will attach it soon.... :)


Cheers ^.^V

#55703 Analog input resolution &

Posted by Fahdil on 28 January 2014 - 12:55 PM



If the ADC resolution is 12 bits (from 0 to 4095) why I only obtain a 10 bit result (0 to 1023) ?


and more: Why the line in red (reference [color=#ff0000;]pot1[/color]) do not compile ?


which literature that explain the analog input has 12bits? as i know Netduino has limit the analoginput to 10bits. see Hardware Specification.

[color=rgb(255,0,0);]AnalogInput[/color] pot1 = new AnalogInput(Pins.GPIO_PIN_A1); // DO NOT COMPILE ! !


it's bcoz you're using both:

using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware

using SecretLabs.NETMF.Hardware;


the netduino with 4.2 framework has the ambiguity. try to delete "Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware".

#43051 BlinkyVB -- first Netduino app using Visual Basic

Posted by Fahdil on 09 January 2013 - 04:04 AM

Yes it's done.... btw thanks

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