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Netduino doen't run or debug

11 January 2013 - 11:05 AM



Just last week I build and tested a PWM RGB project on my Netduino, and yesterday I wanted to do something else so I made a new program and was ready for testing.


Hooked up my Netduino and deployed the program, Without errors.

But nothing happened!!


Tried a simple program (blinky) for testing. put a breakpoint in the program, and ran it again.

Nothing, not even a break.


After a second look I figured out that the program did not even start.


I flashed the firmware on the Netduino, tried it again, nothing.



Has Anyone encountered this problem before?





PWM question (in combination with TIP32)

11 December 2012 - 10:29 AM


I created the following circuit:
Posted Image

I’m chancing the duty cycle of the PWM to control the light output of the LED stip.

so in de code I’m setting the duty cycle to 0%.
but there still is a low voltage coming out of the PWM port,
so the PNP is still being triggered, and the LED will still emit light.

How can I fix this? so on a duty cycle of 0% the voltage on the Base of the PNP = 0V.

(DataSheet op TIP32C = PDF)

Bram van Deventer

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