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#61641 set brightness for Room light

Posted by Wernfried on 17 February 2015 - 11:32 AM

I'd use a dimmable RF switch therefor. This is main voltages secure and with my library (ask me for the code) light can be dimmed very easy. The RF switches you get here in Germany in any DIY store or the internet.

#61264 RF switches with Netduino

Posted by Wernfried on 14 January 2015 - 01:36 PM

This is my first contribution to this forum.


I managed to control RF switches with the N+2. There have been only samples available for Arduino, that's why I ported them to C#. The main problem was, that the RC switches are expecing pulses with a length of 250s, which cannot be done with Thread.Sleep in NetMF.


Therefore I wrote a loop using the ticks of the prcessor and running in a hih priorized thread. This works well, but blocks the processor. To acheave this, I also found a way using SPI to produce the necessary pulses.


Currently I only have tested it with RF switches from InterTechno using the EasyHome codes. Several other codes are only adopted from the Arduino library but not yet tested with real RF switches.


The EasyHome codes are allowing not only switching but also dimming. Since I do not have dimmable switches, I didn't implement these codes yet.


If someone is interested in this library, please contact me in a private mail. I will give you the sources with the wish of any feedback. Until it s not stable tested I will not publish this library somewhere else.

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