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Problem reactivating my N2P

31 August 2015 - 06:52 PM

Yesterady, after a long time and updating my laptop to W10, I decided to play again a bit with my N2P. I've got a new shield I would try to include in my app. And yesterday evening I could easily deplay a clean new project (no functionality at all) and I was happy that all worked fine with W10.


But today I couldn't deploy it anymore, deployment windows always display "Iteration xx".

Then I tryed MFDeploy, which couldn't find my N2P. So I decided to reinstall firmware 4.3.2. The update tool did it's work, no errors. But MFDeploy still doesn't find the device.


The DfuSe Demo can see the device.


Any suggestions I can try more to get my N2P to work?

MFDeploy does not recognize N2P

15 February 2015 - 09:07 PM

How can I get my Netduino to communicare again with my PC?


I do not know what happened. On my Laptop I can work with the Netduino without any problems.


MFDeploy doesn't recognize it on my PC. I have removed USB Driver. After reconnection the Netduino it tries to install the USB, but it is marked with an errror. Status says "The Driver wasn't installed (Code 28). There are no compatible Drivers"


Where do I get a compatible USB Driver?




I found a solution: For some reason "c:\Program Files (x86)\Secret Labs\Netduino SDK\Drivers" was not located on my PC, where the Drivers should occour. I copied it from my Laptop and now could update the Driver and it works.


How the drivers are deploeyed? Are they included the 4.3 SDK or only in the 4.2 (which I have had installed on my Laptop bot not on the pc)?

TCP/IP stack issue?

27 January 2015 - 02:19 PM

I use the embeddedwebserver from


There is some simple code

           // Get request
            int bytesReceived = pRequestSocket.Available;

            // Get read buffer
            byte[] readBuffer = new byte[_maxBufferedRequestLength];
            int readBufferLength = pRequestSocket.Receive(readBuffer, readBuffer.Length, SocketFlags.None);

I assume, hat bytesReceived and readBufferLength should be the same. And this is the case for all GET requests.


If I execute a Ajax POST request, this is also the case if I use Firefox or Chrome, but not for IE10, IE11 and IE for Windows Mobile. For the later ones, readBufferLength includes only the Http-Header, not the data itself, while bytesReceived is correct for the whole request. Executing a second Receive call reads the missing data.


Is there a know reason, why POST requests from IE behave like this? With Fiddler I coudn't see any differences in the requests (except the header)


RF switches with Netduino

14 January 2015 - 01:36 PM

This is my first contribution to this forum.


I managed to control RF switches with the N+2. There have been only samples available for Arduino, that's why I ported them to C#. The main problem was, that the RC switches are expecing pulses with a length of 250s, which cannot be done with Thread.Sleep in NetMF.


Therefore I wrote a loop using the ticks of the prcessor and running in a hih priorized thread. This works well, but blocks the processor. To acheave this, I also found a way using SPI to produce the necessary pulses.


Currently I only have tested it with RF switches from InterTechno using the EasyHome codes. Several other codes are only adopted from the Arduino library but not yet tested with real RF switches.


The EasyHome codes are allowing not only switching but also dimming. Since I do not have dimmable switches, I didn't implement these codes yet.


If someone is interested in this library, please contact me in a private mail. I will give you the sources with the wish of any feedback. Until it s not stable tested I will not publish this library somewhere else.

SD card?

12 January 2015 - 09:44 AM

I've tried to figure out, what SD cards are supported by N+2.


Most answers suggest a 2MB MicroSD. My problem is to purchase such one. Most stores do not have MicroSD anymore.


Is 2MB MicroSD the limitation for N+P?

Somewhere I've read that exists a 4.1beta which supports also SDHC. But I didn't find any hint, if this beta is included in 4.3 I'm currently using.



What is the most large SD card I can use on N+P (4.3)?

How must it be formatted (FAT)?

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