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#2731 Compatible Shields and Accessories

Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 24 September 2010 - 08:07 AM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

Just saw this on the "Make Magazine Daily": Might work with Netduino?

#1281 Just getting started

Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 25 August 2010 - 12:47 PM in General Discussion

I was looking through some boxes of junk at home and I stumbled across some old resistors, leds, infrared leds, and a cpu fan.

I wanted to see if I could connect any/all of them to my netduino and control them using the button, but realised I don't know where to begin.

Can anyone offer some pointers? or even a schematic of the netduino to get me started.

Thanks in advance.

Also, it might be worth creating a bunch of reference posts for the novices like myself to refer back to when we get stuck? They've done something similar at The Swamp .NET forum - which is a place for AutoCAD customisation help/advice that I'm also a member of.

#1152 Unboxing: first impressions?

Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 23 August 2010 - 02:46 PM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

Ordered mine from Proto in Canada on the 9th, received it today 20th here in England. Included nice gold plated USB cable. :)

The board looks great, much better to actually have one than seeing pictures. Off to power it up now!

Oh, the only thing missing in the box was the full size clone of me. While I am busy with my netduino, I could send him off to do other stuff I get nagged about, walk the dog, wash the car, cut the grass, do the grocery shopping etc.. :lol:

Hehe.. I know what you mean about needing a clone - I can't seem to leave the thing alone since mine arrived this morning from

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#1142 Emulator

Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 23 August 2010 - 01:00 PM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

I have search info about the error but I only find one post on MSDN about Silverlight: http://social.msdn.m...e5-92ea875f694c

I don't have now a x64 machine to test the code, sorry! :unsure:

Hmmm, I've done a bit of research on the error message myself and it seems it might be related to the version of C# that I'm using - Express 2010.

What version are you running? (I'm guessing not the express version!?)

#1138 Emulator

Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 23 August 2010 - 11:06 AM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

Hi, you can find it in the Patches page of the Codeplex project -> http://netduinoemula.../PatchList.aspx

Can you try it and tell us if it works as hari's videos or something like the video that is attached?

Thanks Jose,

Just trying to run this as we speak, but keep getting the following error (Attached!)

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, so I assumed rebuilding the solution would work, but apparently not.

Any ideas?

(EDIT: Added the error message)

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#1135 Emulator

Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 23 August 2010 - 08:48 AM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

Hi Hari, I (and everyone else) would be really interested in seeing the code you mention, but I couldn't see it attached to your post? Cheers, Alex.

#1134 REPRAP

Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 23 August 2010 - 08:40 AM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

That Shield you posted looks to have been updated: Also, as I mentioned earlier, I am really new at this - how would I begin to compile the Arduino firmware for the Netduino device? (I would guess I need to create a C# class and use the existing C++ Arduino code as a reference, but..?)


Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 20 August 2010 - 02:36 PM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

I've been thinking about this some more the past few days, and I reckon it might be possible to simply re-write the Arduino firmware used by REPRAP to suit the Netduino? Especially given that the Netduino is designed to fit most of the shields available for Arduino. Having said that, I have no experience in using the .NET Micro Framework, so it could be a bridge too far.. I have however today ordered my Netduino from & have just received notification that it's been shipped. Sweet!


Posted by AlexFielder1980 on 14 August 2010 - 10:48 AM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

I'm pretty new at this, but am wondering whether this board could be used to run the Mendel REPRAP machine? I mean, would it simply be a case of recompiling the Java code they provide, or would it need to be re-written from scratch?

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