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Cheap remote control on Netduino

06 October 2011 - 08:51 AM

Hey there,

it's some time gone since my last visit. But I finished building my RepRap 3D printer (sry in German) :) and now I want to create a little robot with netduino :)

Are there any tutorials on how to use and implement a remote control in a cheap way? ;)
What do you suggest? I read about using the PS3 Controller with a bluetooth dongle? Or do I better use the standard 2.4Ghz remote control? Where can I get cheap controls and receiver?

Hope this are not to much questions. But it would be nice if any of you got experience in this and can help me :)

Best regards,

control dc motor with dual motor driver

23 August 2011 - 09:31 PM

Hello, it's me again :)

This time I tried to control an dc motor with an TB6612FNG dual motor driver.

I am not sure if I connected the motor in the right way. Maybe one of you could check that.

List of connections:
- OutputPort (true) on AIn1
- OutputPort (true) on AIn2
- PWM (setdutycicle = 100) on PWMA
- OutputPort (true) on STBY
- 5V on VCC (or VIn of Netduino)
- GND on GND ;)
- Motor 5V on AO1
- Motor GND on A02

It seems that there is anything wrong. If I connect my VIn from my battery pack with VCC the chip of the motor driver gets very hot :(

Would be nice if any of you could help me ;)

[Netduino] How to use radio remote control?

20 August 2011 - 05:38 PM

Hey there, is there any tutorial to connect a receiver of an radio remote control to an netduino? Or is there any breakout board to get the input? My plan was to buy a simple 4 channel 2.4Ghz sender and receiver and connect them to my board. It would be nice if I only need one pin per channel and get values between -100 and 100. Hope you can help me ;)

control brushless motor (+ controller) with pwm

19 August 2011 - 04:18 PM


I am new to that hole electronic world and at the moment I am trying to control a brushless motor with my netduino.
The controller has a kind of handshake:
  • full speed (needs at least 1.5ms duration)
  • connect akku
  • zero speed
    {*]beep beep beep! ;)
  • ready

so i use the following code, but it did not seem to work, I already tried other ways, but nothing seems to work :(

PWM Servo1 = new PWM(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D5);
Servo1.SetPulse(20000, 1800);

while (true)
    Servo1.SetPulse(20000, 1500);

it would be nice if any of you could help me ;)

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