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In Topic: Cheap remote control on Netduino

06 October 2011 - 12:03 PM

Hallo Freeman.
What kind of remote control are you looking for?
I mean that you should decide:
how many buttons?
how many joysticks?
how far should be the remote controller from the server?
has to be bidirectional?
has to be working also through "shields" (e.g. walls)?
any constraint about the usage (e.g. RF-emissions, heavy-noisy environs, battery duration, etc).


It should not be an IR Control. I would need that control for long and short range in different projects. But couldn't find anything like that. :(

So I hope you can help me.

I am interested in all types of controls, but it have to be wireless ;)

In Topic: control dc motor with dual motor driver

27 August 2011 - 11:37 AM

Ok a friend of me got that chip working on his fez panda 2, so i will try that with his motor driver, maybe my one is defect, i give you a response in the next days

In Topic: control dc motor with dual motor driver

27 August 2011 - 11:17 AM

I tried it with both 3.3V and 5V - made no difference. I use PWM setdutycicle = 100 or setpulse(10000,70 + i) and increased i all 2 sec 100 points all gnd are connected internally, i can use an empty gnd and vcc or vm ;) with different speed

In Topic: ESC - Code Problem

26 August 2011 - 03:09 PM

Yeah I know, I also have no Traxxas one ;) but works :P I really didn't understand the whole code yet, so I used this at the moment.

In Topic: ESC - Code Problem

26 August 2011 - 12:52 PM

Thanks!! Well i have seen that code but i still got problems :/ using an arduino of a friend of me i hear the beeps!! but using the netduino nothing. Of course am a beginer!!

Hey the other tread is from me ;) in my case you had first to set the throttle of the esc to 100% and then connect the esc and motor (esc and motor should not get any power input before), then set throttle to 0%. After that your esc should sound correct and you can control your motor ;) then set throtte to 20% to begin ^^

Don't know which motor you have, but start only with 20%, else this can happen:

Attached File  WP_000076.jpg   38.58KB   23 downloads

public static void Main()
            OutputPort esc = new OutputPort(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D0, false);
            OutputPort relais = new OutputPort(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D1, true);
            InterruptPort button = new InterruptPort(Pins.ONBOARD_SW1, false, Port.ResistorMode.Disabled, Port.InterruptMode.InterruptNone);
            SpeedController xl5 = new SpeedController(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D5, new TRAXXAS_XL5());

            #region initiate esc & motor
            // set max throttle
            while (button.Read())
                if (xl5.Throttle != 100) xl5.Throttle = 100;

            // activate esc
            Debug.Print("activate esc");

            // activate motor
            Debug.Print("activate motor");

            // set min throttle
            Debug.Print("set throttle min");
            if (xl5.Throttle != 0) xl5.Throttle = 0;

            bool end = false;
            bool oldspeedup = button.Read();
            DateTime dt = DateTime.Now;
            int i = 1;
            while (true)
                //if (!buttonInput.Read()) break;
                bool speedup = !button.Read();
                if (oldspeedup != speedup && speedup & end) break;
                if (speedup)
                    end = true;
                if (speedup && xl5.Throttle != 20 + (i * 2)) xl5.Throttle = 20 + (i * 2);
                if (!speedup && xl5.Throttle != 0) xl5.Throttle = 0;
                oldspeedup = speedup;

                if (DateTime.Now > dt)
                    dt = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(3);

            Debug.Print("deactivate relais");
            xl5.Throttle = 0;

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