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In Topic: I2C Bus Problem - Debugging

18 March 2014 - 01:47 AM



My original fix is only applied to when the device is initialized.  It looks like your problem is occurring at some time later during a transaction.


If you are able to get a debugger, cost is $21.25 at mouser, you can check to see if the busy bit is set when the bus locks up.  If that is true then you will need to create a more sophisticated way of reseting the I2C module make this work.  You maybe able to hack something in at the start or stop call and have something spin on the busy bit and cause a reset if it takes too long.


If you do get the debugger and find this is the case I'm sure that would be interesting to Chris as well.

In Topic: Compiling Custom Netduino Firmware: Step-By-Step Instructions - Help

04 March 2014 - 03:59 AM

The 'PORT' parameter is not used in NETMF 4.3, you should call setenv_gcc.cmd:


setenv_gcc.cmd 4.6.2 C:\Yagarto-4.6.2


The version number (4.6.2) must match the directory name in lib\gcc\arm-none-eabi.


I didn't pay attention to the fact that they changed the setenv commands.  Thanks for pointing that out.


Now I get the 114 errors like Kip got.

In Topic: Compiling Custom Netduino Firmware: Step-By-Step Instructions - Help

02 March 2014 - 05:03 AM

I still have not made a successful build.  However, I cannot recreate your issue with msbuild.


 In my case I followed ziggurat29's tutorial to get the the 4.2 QFE1 with netduino plus 2 firmware to build.  I then downloaded the PK and 4.3 firmware from the links posted.  After extracting the PK I copied the netduino firmware into the PK directory in the same way that ziggurat29 did in the tutorial.


I opened my command line from the directory in which the PK resides.  I did not use the VS2012 command prompt.


I then ran the following :


setenv_base.cmd GCC4.6 PORT c:\yagarto-4.6.0
which returned 'Compiler: GCC4.6 PORT c:\yagarto-4.6.0'
and then ran
Msbuild Solutions\NetduinoPlus2\dotnetmf.proj /T:rebuild /p:flavor=release;tcp_ip_stack=lwip /filelogger
which ended in 2 errors 
"C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Solutions\NetduinoPlus2\dotnetmf.proj" (rebuild target) (1) ->
"C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Solutions\NetduinoPlus2\TinyBooter\TinyBooter.proj" (Build target) (2) ->
"C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Application\TinyBooter\TinyBooterLib.proj" (Build target) (3) ->
"C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Framework\Tools\CreateCLRDefines.proj" (Build target) (8:2) -> (BuildClrDefines target) ->
  C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Framework\Tools\CreateCLRDefines.proj(12,5): error : Value cannot be null.\r
C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Framework\Tools\CreateCLRDefines.proj(12,5): error : Parameter name: path
"C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Solutions\NetduinoPlus2\dotnetmf.proj" (rebuild target) (1) ->
"C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\Solutions\NetduinoPlus2\TinyCLR\TinyCLR.proj" (Build target) (124) ->
"C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\clr\core\InteropAssembliesTable.proj" (Build target) (135) -> (GenerateInteropTable target) ->
  C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\clr\core\InteropAssembliesTable.proj(91,5): error MSB3491: Could not write lines to file "\\Solutions\NetduinoPlus2\TinyCLR\CLR_RT_InteropAssembliesTable.cpp". The network path was not found.\r
C:\Projects\DotNetMf\NetduinoPlus2_4.3_QFE1\clr\core\InteropAssembliesTable.proj(91,5): error MSB3491:

I'll continue to investigate my compile issues

In Topic: I2C Bus not working

12 January 2014 - 04:21 PM

Hardware mode for the Plus 2 has an issue where it is possible for the I2C module in the micro to become locked up.


You can look through my debugging post here, http://forums.netdui...sue/#entry49515, and see if this looks like what you maybe seeing.


If this is your issue and you don't want to use my firmware the try using a lower value pullup resistor, such as 1k, to reduce the probability of the lockup condition.

In Topic: I2C LCD not working on Netduino Plus 2

27 May 2013 - 03:11 AM

I found some odd issues with I2C logic in the controller used for the NP2+.  The I2C state machine in this part has a locking condition, which is stated in the datasheet and errata for this part, but without and debugger and a scope it can be hard to determine if this is the issue.  I did verified that this is in fact a real issue with the latest firmware, thanks to ziggurat29's posts about how to compile the source.



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