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Is possible to use Com1 for debugging and communication?

27 March 2013 - 03:41 PM

I was wondering if it is really possible to implement a couple of tricks to use port Com1 for debuggingdeploying purpose and at the same time deploy in the code instructions to use such port for communication? I have no aid from usb, so it counts as it doesn't exist. I just want to know if any member has succeeded to do so and can share some code and hints about how to make it happen. Thanks in advance,



Ps: I tried to do so with my netduino board and result was to only be able to deployed code once and after that no communication whatsoever or chance to upload new code if not flashing the firmware. I can do so if that is the only way of making this work if I can get the port to transmit to Pc using a USB - TTL cable.

Flashing Netduino Firmware using serial com?

27 March 2013 - 12:43 AM

Hi community,


I have been reading different posts about flashing the new firmware 4.2 in the Netduino using either usb or serial. My question is the following: I have my custom Pcb board using same atmel chip as netduino and only can be accessed through com1 port for debuggingdeploying, is it possible to do the a firmware flashing using this serial port? I have been successful when flashing my development board because uses usb but still not luck with only serial com1 for my Pcb board. Can somebody shed some light here to my trouble. Thanks in advance

Netduino crystal Oscillator

23 March 2013 - 10:25 PM

Hi community,


I'm crashing my head against the wall to select the correct crystal oscillator from Netduino design. I designed my custom Pcb board derived from Netduino and then I need to buy a crystall oscillator. Does anyone has vendor URL at hand where I can order the 18.432 Mhz crystall oscillator in US? I google up and there are too many different configurations for this type of crystal and variety of manufactures then things start to be confusing for me.


Thanks in advance for any help



Example of setting up Netduino custom PCB

24 January 2013 - 12:57 AM

Hello all,


I have been looking into previous post about the step by step procedure to load a custom Netduino PCB. The idea is to have a consistent and clear instructions to load a custom PCB, derived from Netduino schematics, with appropriate bootloader and necessary framework to make c# run over. These two post talk about the subject but I can't find a final answer containing a complete walk-through, if there is one on existence, it would be nice to have it pointed out.


Previous Post:


http://forums.netdui...hl=+pcb +custom


http://forums.netdui...hl=+pcb +custom


How about adding an example of doing this to the Wiki?

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