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12 button keypad and password

03 April 2013 - 12:23 AM

i have a 12 button keypad http://www.karlssonr...CFVSVMgodv04AEw im wanting to use this for entering a password. just a simple setup that will turn on a light turn on a led once the numbers are put in. then turn off when we i put the numbers in.


if you have look at any of my other post you will see that i am really dumb when i comes to programming with c#. if there is a website site that will walk me through how to do this or something along the lines of this that would be awesome.


i am taking baby steps in this process. which i will try and build the script into some what of a security system.


things would be so much easier if netduino was in ladder logic. lol only kinda of program i can halfway do


thanks for the help



need help!

28 March 2013 - 04:45 PM

i have been trying to write the program myself but i dont know were to even start. i am getting closer and closer to my deadline and have no accomplish nothing with it. i am willing to pay for this project to be done. if your interested please reply and i will post more of what i need. pay is negotiable. thanks

complete custom security set up

20 March 2013 - 08:15 PM

i have been tinkering around with netduino for a couple months know. still far from completely understanding everything. i am wanting to make a full custom security system. using to different netduino one for the actual sensors to go through out my house and the other to is to be use for my 12 button keypad. i have  already got the sensor board completed with the help from this website, know im needing help with the keypad part know   lol. list below is kinda what i am wanting to do. any help will be greatly appreciated. or even a forum that would help me along the way would be nice too.  thanks for the help



key pad mode type
mode 1 - standby - system off
no autodialer and no siren activity
system is active (indicated by blue led - light is 10sec of .5sec on)
buzzer will be active if any sensor is broke
buzzer will give 3 short burst
(password can only be changed by holding 1 and # for 5 sec)
(then put in old password then # - then repeat ne password then #)
(if new password is set green led will flash to indicate password change)
(if new password set fails then red light will flash indicating the password did not reset)
to turn the system to mode 1 - press the 4 digit password then press #
mode 2 - alarm on - system on
system is on 
system is turn on by password
system is turn off by password
system on indicated by led blinky (green light - light is 10sec off .5sec on)
(if alarm is triggered the buzzer will not sound)
(if alarm is triggered siren will turn on 1 min after system is triggered)
(auto dialer is triggered 1 minute after system is triggered)
(if alarm is triggered it can only be turn off (into standby mode) password is entered then #)
to turn the system to mode 2 - press the 4 digit password then press #
general information
default password is 1111
# = enter
* = cancel or clear
(if entering the password and wrong button is push * will clear the all digits)
(password must be 4 digits long)
(panic mode will work in mode 1 and mode 2)
(panic mode can only be activated by holding buttons 1 5 9 for 7 seconds)

security keypad

10 February 2013 - 09:08 PM

listed below is what i am reading on the pdf. page 12. this might not be enough information for you but then again it might.

if the netduino board can not handle that much current would i be able to add resistance to the line in return lowering the voltage so that reads below 20mA for alarm and even lower for standby?


what i am trying to do is make a functional security system using the honeywell key pad with my netduino. i want to keep all the function of the security keypad. so correct me if i am wrong. but with the current listed below if i program the netduino to light up an led with the alarm set and the sensor breaks connection would it work? and not light up the led if the keypad is set for standby and a sensor breaks?







6148 Fixed-Word Keypad 30mA standby/55mA alarm

security keypad

06 February 2013 - 11:29 PM

i am in the process of making a home security system. i want to buy a keypad instead of making one. honeywell ademco 6148. but i do not understand the data line out. i can not find any specs on the net anywhere. any help would be awesome.




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