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In Topic: 12 button keypad and password

03 April 2013 - 01:29 PM

thanks for the quick response, on post 20 of the second link will that code record the keypads key strokes?

In Topic: need help!

29 March 2013 - 02:33 PM

the keypad idea was trash.only information i can find was that the standyby mode 20ma and alarm mode was 55ma.


thinking it would have been easier just to use a 12 button keypad with an extra netduino.

i had recently set up a small sensor setup at my house with the help from this website on the programming part.

i work part time at a metal shop on the weekends designing parts for the company and i ran the idea by the owner to maybe put a security system in the building without having a monthly payment. he wants me to show him some kind of progress by next week. not got anywhere really. dont even know were to start. we set down and he told me kinda how he wants the system to work. i will post it below.


i know that some of the things i dont have specs on like the autodialer and a small buzzer or even the siren. but a small signal could be ran to these devices and i could use a small control relay to make them work.


i am in way over my head. so any help would be nice,  thankss



key pad mode type

mode 1 - alarm on - system on
system is on 
system is turn on by password
system is turn off by password
system on indicated by led blinky (green light - light is 10sec off .5sec on)
(if alarm is triggered the buzzer will not sound)
(if alarm is triggered siren will turn on 1 min after system is triggered)
(auto dialer is triggered 1 minute after system is triggered)
(if alarm is triggered it can only be turn off (into standby mode) password is entered then #)
to turn the system to mode 2 - press the 4 digit password then press #
mode 2 - standby - system off
no autodialer and no siren activity
system is active (indicated by blue led - light is 10sec of .5sec on)
buzzer will be active if any sensor is broke
buzzer will give 3 short burst
(password can only be changed by holding 1 and # for 5 sec)
(then put in old password then # - then repeat ne password then #)
(if new password is set green led will flash to indicate password change)
(if new password set fails then red light will flash indicating the password did not reset)
to turn the system to mode 1 - press the 4 digit password then press #
general information
default password is 1111
# = enter
* = cancel or clear
(if entering the password and wrong button is push * will clear the all digits)
(password must be 4 digits long)
(panic mode will work in mode 1 and mode 2)
(panic mode can only be activated by holding buttons 1 5 9 for 7 seconds)

In Topic: need help!

28 March 2013 - 08:31 PM

Probably not the best place to be asking for paid help.  I am a paid consultant and do this type of work, but certainly would not think of taking on a task like this especially from this kind of forum post.  This is an open community and everyone tries to help equally and learn equally.  It sounds like you bit off a little more than you could chew on your project.


Perhaps if you post of some details of the project and what your struggles are, the community can help give you some guidance so you can finish the project that you chose to take on.

thanks for the info. i have posted some what of the stuff i ineeded but didnt get any replies. the deadline is kinda getting close and there is no way possible i coud finish it. the task would be rather easy for someone with experience with programming which i am not. im taking a plc class this semester but nothing comes close to programming with c#.


could you possible point me in the right direction for someone or company that would write the program for pay?

i would perfer someone close to where i live. near nashville tn. but anyone would work.

thanks for all the help :)

In Topic: security keypad

12 February 2013 - 05:20 PM

thanks for the infromation. i should be getting it in the mail in the next couple of days. with some trial and testing i will be able to figure out something and i will post my results with some questions how to write the code.. thanks

In Topic: security keypad

11 February 2013 - 11:57 PM

im fairly new to the netduino and or programming together. what i am thinking is that the power runs thru the security keypad and when the alrm is set that the amps will indicate that the alarm is on and if a sensor break that it trigger the led(alarm).


i have bought the keypad but it has not got here yet. not really sure how the thing works yet. but when i get it. i be able to tinker with it and can give a more clearly question.




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