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#53264 NP2 Bricked?

Posted by EricO on 18 October 2013 - 08:26 PM

While trying new code to get my Parallax Ping Distance Sensor to work, it now appears my NP2 is toast. 


While attempting to download my code to the device, it hung.  I disconnected the usb cable and my computer instantly rebooted (that was a little scary).  After that happened and my computer appeared to be ok, I reconnected the NP2.  It's recognized in Windows 7 under Control Panel -> Devices and Printers' but not in the Device Manager (it no longer takes a com port). I launched DfuSe Demo, hoping it may see it but no luck. When disconnecting the usb cable again another computer reboot (different usb cable).  I tried reconnecting the NP2, holding the reset button to put it in program mode and I was able to erase it with DFU.  I was successfully able to reflash it with 4.2.2 and I thought I was back in business, apparently not. I tried erasing and reflashing once more but no luck, it won't obtain a com port.


It's kind of annoying.  For fifty bucks, I would have liked to seen it function more than a couple times but, oh well.  Fortunately, it didn't appear to harm my computer.

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