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Stefan W.

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Analog inputs on the N+

16 September 2011 - 07:51 PM

Hi, I remember someone saying here that the analog input pins of the N+ are unreliable if there's an ethernet cable plugged in - to what extend does that happen and what are the symptoms (loss of a few bits of precision, or mostly right readings and some completely bogus ones, or ...) and is that valid for all the analog pins? Is it also valid if the pins are not used in analog mode (but for e.g. I2C)? Also, is the 3.3V limit on the analog ports valid if they are in analog mode or also when they are used for other purposes (e.g. I2C), as is my guess? Regards, Stefan

Building a small lego robot

28 June 2011 - 09:16 PM


I'm pretty new to electronics and microcontrollers, and I've gotten a netduino because I wanted to get into this topic, and so after a few starting excercises (like blinking leds, using shift registers with SPI, using LDRs as sensors and so on) I think about setting off to my first "real" project: a small lego robot (built with old parts that I used to play with a long time ago ;)). There are, at this moment, two things unclear to me yet though, so if anybody could clear those up for me that would be great:

  • I'm going to run this robot on batteries, and i'm wondering if directly plugging in a 9v battery to Vin/Ground (maybe with a rectifying diode to prevent wrong polarization) will be fine, or if i need a supply with a regulated voltage (which would probably need a bigger voltage on the battery, which i'd like to avoid - i'm already going to have to use 8 AA batteries to power the motors).
  • In which state are the netduino pins when the netduino turns on? Or, to be more direct: Can I damage the netduino when I connect a pin to the netduinos 3.3V on startup? (If it's going to be used as an input with ResistorMode.PullUp later).

Thanks for your help, and for a great product :)


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