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02 September 2012 - 10:41 PM

Hi all -- I have a CrystalFontz CFA-634 LCD 20x4 USB that I pulled out of one of my old desktops from 2007. This module looks like the serial version, except it has a USB daughter board on it that has the +5v, D+, D-, GRD wires that go into a USB jack. For fun I downloaded LCD Smartie fromn and have it working on my Windows 8 machine. I used to use this back in my XP days and was happy to see it still works under Windows 8! The datasheet can be downloaded from http://www.crystalfo..._Sheet_v1.1.pdf I have a USB cable shown here that hooks into the LCD's USB daugterboard and the other plug into my computer's USB port. http://www.crystalfo...t/WRUSBY03.html I have a .NET class that I have ported for Netduino Plus and ready for testing. My question, how do I wire up this LCD to my Netuduino? Do I plug the +5v to the 5v pin on the Netduino? Do I plus the GRD to the GRD pin on the Netduino? Big question - how to I handle the serial data? I asume I would use D2 (Rx) and D3 (Tx) to send/receive data... I believe this would be COM2 on the Netduino? How do I handle the D+ and D- on the USB daughterboard? Do I need a breakout board or something? I assume these are simple Rx/Tx wires and require something else??? I'm new to all this an any help or direction would be appreciated...

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