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#30217 Seven Segment Display Module

Posted by ItsDan on 05 June 2012 - 05:55 AM

I posted separately but wanted to thank Matt for letting me play with one of his prototype display modules, and it really is a nice display for those who just need a few digits for output, or a specialized display like a clock. But the Netduino Go still lacks a couple input devices, so I built my own!

A real module is in the works but this is a prototype 12 button keypad module (made on a production Protomodule board) that I'm using to interact with the display module. I'll be keeping this thread updated about the keypad module, and I highly recommend Matt's display module if it fits your project.

#30216 3x4 Keypad Module

Posted by ItsDan on 05 June 2012 - 05:48 AM

Finally got a working prototype on a 12 button keypad module, using a production Protomodule and one of Matt Isenhower's beautiful 4 digit displays. I don't explain anything in the video but there's 2 demo modes, one simply appends the most recent key to the right of the display, the second mode demonstrates multiple keypresses being detected at once. Throw in a relay module and you could make a simple door entry system with your Go.

#29103 Prototype module prototyped on a prototype Protomodule

Posted by ItsDan on 15 May 2012 - 12:19 PM

Let's not forget that with a lot of hobby projects it's the journey not the destination that's the important bit.

Maybe Aaron and Dan aren't making the protomodule because it fills a gap that other existing tools don't support, but because they want to and are having fun. :)

Fred, Thanks for the support and I agree with your sentiment. Having never gone through the process of seeing a project like this through from computer design files to physical device to functional demo it's been interesting and a lot of fun (and slightly pricey), and I'm a "learn by doing" type of person. This is also something of a test run, I have some parts scattered on my desk that we're exploring for further modules (some attached to protomodules :P), those should be more useful towards filling the lack of useful modules. But as far as this one, if people find value to it, we're glad to be able to offer it, as Fabien pointed out there are other options too, and I actually recommend the Discovery board. It was easy to use and setup and I use one here to program my protomodules.

I've attached an image of a bare PCB next to the discovery board. Note that the actual prototype area on the discovery is the parts below the routed slots. The part above those slots is the ST Link programmer, which is what I connect to the SWIM connector to program the chip on the protomodule.

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#28695 DIY Go Cables

Posted by ItsDan on 09 May 2012 - 12:35 AM

I found the connectors but even in volume they were over $1 each, and you obviously need 2 of them, making them more pricey than buying assembled cables for the most part.

#28476 Prototype module prototyped on a prototype Protomodule

Posted by ItsDan on 03 May 2012 - 12:56 PM

#28112 Building custom go!bus modules for Netduino Go

Posted by ItsDan on 26 April 2012 - 02:10 AM

Hopefully in the next few weeks you'll be seeing something new available for Netduino Go. BEHOLD:

Posted Image

Posted Image

These are the prototypes of the prototyping modules Arron and I (mostly Arron) are building. These ProtoModules will let you prototype new modules or connect miscellaneous hardware to your Netduino Go. All the pins on the microcontroller are broken out to standard headers, and there's a prototyping area that includes a 3.3v, 5.v, and ground bus. The final version will accomodate a mini-breadboard.

#24356 What's in the magical, mysterious, box of crappy surplus?

Posted by ItsDan on 17 February 2012 - 07:33 PM

Guess we can't make funny of Terry for holding things up anymore :)

#22672 What's in the magical, mysterious, box of crappy surplus?

Posted by ItsDan on 10 January 2012 - 08:37 PM

There should be time to call off the hit.

#22634 What's in the magical, mysterious, box of crappy surplus?

Posted by ItsDan on 10 January 2012 - 01:21 AM


Boy did I really want in on this. I have a ton of stuff to get rid of.

We'll work you in, originally I was going to have the box come back to me to finish off 'round 1', but I'll work with Arron to add the people who asked to be added afterwards. Anyone who wants in find the link higher up the thread wit the form to submit your details to, comment in the thread to make sure we look for new names.

#22630 What's in the magical, mysterious, box of crappy surplus?

Posted by ItsDan on 10 January 2012 - 12:10 AM

It's pretty clear at this point that Terry has stolen our box. Would any graphically minded person like to create a Wanted poster?

#21411 Forum topics color

Posted by ItsDan on 06 December 2011 - 09:27 PM

I like the colors.

#19558 What's in the magical, mysterious, box of crappy surplus?

Posted by ItsDan on 21 October 2011 - 07:12 PM

Kode, glad you got something useful out of it, even if it was a handful of LEDs :) At least they're properly labeled with an item # so there's no guesswork!

#17623 What's in the magical, mysterious, box of crappy surplus?

Posted by ItsDan on 06 September 2011 - 01:01 AM

The “Box of Crappy Surplus”, or BOCS, is a fun, community building experiment based on The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk for Netduino community members. The premise is simple, as electronics enthusiasts, makers, tweakers and tinkerers we all develop small stockpiles of near-worthless junk. Not trash mind you, but the miscellaneous bits and pieces of projects long forgotten and put away. A handful of screws, the wheel bearings that didn’t quite fit your robot, the bag of resistors that turned out to be not quite the right value. If anyone is as much of a pack-rat as me you likely have boxes of this type of stuff, too wasteful to throw away, too few to try selling on eBay.

The BOCS is, as TGIMBoEJ puts it, a ‘mobile lending library’ of components. Unlike some other similar boxes we’ll provide slightly more structure. The goal is to send the box in multiple loops, back and forth across the USA. Each person who registers will receive the box in random order, and be responsible for sending the box to the next person. Flat rate boxes from the USPS keep shipping costs to a minimum and there will be no other costs to participate. Cost for a medium sized box will be approximately $10.50 and supports up to 20 pounds, labels can be easily printed from the USPS website. If the box grows too large we’ll need a ‘large’ box which will cost closer to $15.00 to ship domestically.

Rules are less important than fun, but some guidelines are below:

What can I expect to find in the BOCS? What should I put in?
The ‘theme’ of the box is electronics and general ‘maker’ materials. Resistors, switches, buttons, wires, wheels, screws, gears, integrated circuits, small hand tools, interconnects, and who knows what else are things you could find in the box, plus anything someone along the chain thinks you might find useful. I’d prefer people use their imagination and put anything they thing another maker could find useful in the box than to create a list of ‘expected’ items.All USPS regulations regarding priority mail service should be followed, and common sense should be used. Let’s avoid batteries which could short out, liquids which could spill, and things of that nature as we..

How much can I take from the BOCS? How much must I contribute?
There’s again no particular rules here. A sheet will accompany the box that we ask all people to briefly note what they took and contributed. A general rule is to replace what you take with something equally “cool”. I think if we all concern ourselves with monetary value of items then the point of the box will be lost. If you think you can use the item, or a few items, take them. We want this to be a community project so we do ask that you update us regarding any cool things you build with box items.

Who do I send the BOCS to when I’m done?
To try and maintain some semblance of privacy, each person will receive via email the address of the next person on the chain. We’ll also try and confirm all addresses prior to shipping to reduce the chances that the box is “lost” at an out of date address.

At this time we'll only be accepting community members from the USA in order to keep postal rates consistent and cheap. Future rounds may (and likely will) go outside the USA.

Okay, I want to participate, what happens next?

We’re (mostly) keeping it to Netduino community members. Visit this thread to look for any updates to the rules. Post a message indicating that you'd like to receive the box, I'll tally usernames until we have enough. Once the box is ready to go, I'll contact all members via the forums to get mailing information. Your address will only go to the person who sends the box to you.

What do I do when I receive the box?

First, take some free stuff! Try to only take items you think you can use, and the key here is for everyone to take what they think is fair. Put some items in the box that you no longer need. The items can be anything ‘maker’ related, can be new or used, so long as they’re functional. If there are multiple parts to a single item make sure they’ll stay together by using a small ziplock bag. Make sure to label what the item is if it’s not obvious, might as well throw your screen name on the label so whoever receives it knows who to thank!

Update the box status, use this forum thread you used to signup, that’s where we’ll update community participation. Or contact me directly and I can do so for you. This is about community building, so let us know what items you kept and what you have in mind for them!

Finally, check your email/forum PM’s/whatever, I’ll have sent you the address you’re meant to send the box to next. If I didn’t, make sure you ask, we don’t want the box to get stuck or lost. Print a label at USPS’s website, slap it on the box, and bring it to any post office.

That’s it! If all goes well will do this multiple times, growing the list each time. We’re limiting this first round to personal friends, and Netduino community members. Anyone with positive or neutral forum standing who has been a member for at least 60 days can ask to be on the list. The first 20 members who asked to be included will be on this initial round.

For any questions please feel free to send me a PM here.

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