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In Topic: Why so slow processing time?

07 June 2011 - 02:49 PM

By the looks of your code you seem to be trying to pause the thread for some time in order to "blink", if what you are doing is that then the way you do it totally wrong and you should instead look at the Thread.Sleep() method.

In Topic: netduino/MF performance

16 March 2011 - 03:31 PM

Hi Daman.
I did not understand well what is your problem.

What I am tell you, is that the CLR is a very complex layer. Once you have written your C# code, the compiler creates an intermediate-language which is "portable". This is compiled again to native opcodes and sent to the Netduino.
The "overhead" of the CLR stands essentially in the memory management, which is garbage-collected automatically. This process gives you an huge simplicity to develop applications, a really safer way to play with objects, but it has a cost in terms of performance.

Just for have an idea of the timings, the only port read/write tight-loop is able to run at about 8.5KHz. That's is really "disappointing" for a 48MHz chip, but if you were just toggling an output, it's probably easier to write in assembler of C. Instead C#+Micro Framework has huge advantages when you want to embed very complex blocks: e.g. sockets, displays, threading, etc.

Hope it helps.

The .NET Micro Framework is an interpreter, once you get your assembly stripped out that gets sent to the Netduino and that is interpreted when it runs. At no point does your C# project get compiled to native code.

EDIT: And I was slower to answer :)

In Topic: Chris the star!

27 February 2011 - 11:42 AM

I can't find any video there.

In Topic: Graphical LCD

20 January 2011 - 05:59 PM

TinyCLR has such a display for the FEZ line, perhaps you could take a look at their drivers and see if they can be ported.

In Topic: Use of Static Keyword

12 January 2011 - 12:45 AM

Although its better to use instances on the full framework, this is MICRO Framework so every little bit of memory saved is worth having static :rolleyes:

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