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DPWS Substitute

07 November 2012 - 01:54 PM

Ultimately, I wish to have two Netduino Plus that communicate to each other with Streams over Sockets and both also communicate with a Desktop application in the same manner. What I'm struggling with is discovery. I would like the Netdiunos and the Desktop app to be able to find each other on the network without manual configuration of IP addresses at runtime. Any suggestion on how I could achieve that?

Out of Memory - Debug.GC(true) says I'm not?!

22 October 2012 - 10:18 PM

I'm having a problem, where in the Netduino begins first with failed allocations, culminating to out of memory exceptions.
However, I'm checking Debug.GC(true) before each request/response and it reports between 14k-7k.

The Netduino accepts a socket connection and parses the request.
The request contains arguments of duration and recurrence.

psuedo code
int x = 0
Sleep [duration]
Sleep [duration]

}while x < recurrence

With each toggle of the LED, the Netduino connects to a socket and sends a small string indicating the LED status has changed.

After a short interval of toggling the LED and sending the status, the Netduino begins to run out of memory. It is however reporting that it still has memory to work with.

Any ideas?
1.) Why is it running out of memory
2.) Why does it report runtime memory remains yet throws out of memory exceptions

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