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Billy Propes

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#48047 NEW MODULE: DigIO

Posted by Billy Propes on 04 April 2013 - 10:06 PM

Hey guys and gals,
We just wanted to let you know about an exciting new module that we just came out with.
It's called: DigIO (dig-e-oo)
What is DigIO:

DigIO is an Input/Output (pin switching) module for the Netduino Go. It provides basic, Input/Output capabilities without all of the bells, whistles, and expense of a ShieldBase.


    [*]STM8S003F3 Processor, running at 16 MHz
    [*]10 Input/Output Pins per module
    [*]8 Pins (in Output Mode) provide High-Sink capability
    [*]8 Pins (in Input Mode) provide Pull-Up resistors
    [*]Standard 0.1" Headers available in vertical male, right-angle male, or vertical female
    [*]Up to 8 modules can be connected to the GO; providing up to 80 GPIOs
    [*]Inexpensive enough to leave in your projects

    How easy is DigIO to use:

    DigIO contains four simple methods:

      [*](void) DigIO.SetAsInput(DigIOPins pin, DigIOResistorModes resistorMode)
      [*](void) DigIO.SetAsOutput(DigIOPins pin, bool initialValue)
      [*](bool) DigIO.Read(DigIOPins pin)
      [*](void) DigIO.Write(DigIOPins pin, bool value)


      MSRP is $14.95. Right now, however, we are out of stock on GoBus cables. So, the module will be shipping without the GoBus cable and at a DISCOUNTED price of $12.95. Simply select the "not included" GoBus Cable option when placing your order. Your discount will be applied in the shopping cart!

      Where to order:

      You can get your very own DigIO by visiting us at If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always email us at

      Below are some pictures of the various header options supplied with DigIO.  These are validation boards and currently have a green solder mask.  The next batch will have a black solder mask.  Hope you like!  :-)
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#30748 Considering a ND Go! for next project

Posted by Billy Propes on 15 June 2012 - 08:40 PM

Do yourself a favor and don't use the Netduino Go yet. Pretty much nothing on it has been finalized, and it's no where near production quality yet. Since the ShieldBase module is still in beta, half of the features don't work on it yet and it's just about useless for anything except breaking out I/O pins. So, most of the Arduino boards don't work with it. In addition, no USB adapter currently exists to where you can transfer data in and out of a USB port (you can't use the Micro USB connector on the board for data transfer). Please be aware that this post is in no way ment to be derogatory towards the Go. I am just trying to make it completely clear that the Go is not production quality YET and that if you need a production quality product, you should stick with your Plus. The Go will be a wonderful product when it gets finalized and the bugs get worked out of the ShieldBase. But, it's not there yet. I am in the same boat as NXTwoThou. I was assuming that the Go was production quality; since it was being produced and sold - and I was planning on using it for a production project. Once I got it, I found this forum and found out the opposite and had to go with the Plus instead. Hope this helps with your decision/

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