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In Topic: How to interface and measure a capacitive sensor?

04 December 2015 - 12:53 PM



This link may be relevant to your situation. I came across it while doing some research on water level / moisture sensors for my hydroponics system. The link itself is information on a pcb which is being used as a basic planar capacitor to measure soil moisture levels. But, it sounds like you're using something similar.

I think with NETMF being an interpreted language, you're going to have issues with measuring the timing.

If you scroll down to the comments at the bottom of the page, you'll find links to some basic specialized circuits which will allow you to translate the PWM signal into a constant analog voltage that you can measure from a Netduino. It takes a lot of the timing issues out. Hope this helps.

In Topic: Split: Waiting on Netduino.IP preview builds

25 May 2015 - 12:25 AM

I'm afraid to report that I could not agree with both wendo and ukkiwisurfer more. I have pretty much switched over to a Raspberry Pi 2 for the majority of my development endeavors.

I own almost every single device in the netduino family. I have been a netduino go user since they first came out. I had high hopes for the Go's plug-and-play, rapid development ability. However, we have been waiting years (not months, but years..... plural) for SecretLabs to get their act together and start releasing software and modules for it on time and of reasonable quality. Unfortunately, to date, this has not happened.

As I mentioned, I own pretty much every single device in the Netduino family. From the mini, up through the regular netduino, the plus, plus 2, and go. All of them except the Netduino 3. The 3 was the last straw. When SecretLabs came out with that before they even got the promised modules out for the Go, they slapped every single Go owner in the face. We have been told for years that SecretLabs was working hard on the new modules and then we find out that they were instead, working on yet another incomplete product to try and sell us.

The Pi 2 does have some drawbacks, such as boot-time and increased power requirements. However, with Its ability to run Windows 10, and a much more complete version of the .Net framework, along with it's much, much lower price-point and increased storage and ram, it has pretty much relegated every single Netduino product into the background.

SecretLabs was the best .Net player in the market in my opinion. But, due to their continual inability to release software on-time, they are no longer.

I'm sorry Chris, but I will no longer be buying any more Netduino products.

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