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Netduino Plus, DIS(Direct Ignition System) and transistor help

21 October 2012 - 07:37 PM

Hello peeps, I have a problem getting a DIS to fire with a transistor and my lack of electrical knowledge has me bogged down so i was hoping for some help. The DIS im using is powered by 12v battery and fires with a controlwire that takes 5v and about 14mA. In getting this to work im using the BC547B transistor. The transistor works fine from the neduino, i check with a led and it powers on and off just fine. ive used this as a reference: http://www.danielsol...heets/BC547.pdf At first i used the 5v of the netduino on the transistor but after that didnt worked i added an additional power supply at 5v but that didnt work either. When i put the 5v directly on the trigger of the DIS it works fine so everything works except for the firering with the transistor. Plan B was to use the netduino relay shield and that works fine. What am i doing wrong? I also have a IRF520 MOSFET lying around, should i use that one? ps. ive added a youtube video with the sparl:

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