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In Topic: Netduino Plus, DIS(Direct Ignition System) and transistor help

20 October 2013 - 11:06 AM

@Arbiter, using a relayshield for all other operations(mostly savety) but its not suitable(not fast enough) for making a spark. tried that in the beginning.

In Topic: Anyone using WCF?

20 October 2013 - 10:54 AM

just use a basic socket implementation and return some json strings


if the request is good i parse it and throw it in an handler class that executes the operation and its response will go back on the socket as json.

works great with AJAX requests

In Topic: Netduino Plus, DIS(Direct Ignition System) and transistor help

06 January 2013 - 10:38 PM

How on earth did I miss this project until now! I so want to make something similar and plan on using the Sparkfun Gap Ignitor


Great work Frankie. Awesome project. 




We had a DIS from a friend.. its one from a toyota aygo.

The signal from the netduino went to a relay(controlled by the netduino) then through one of the missle switches through the cable to the little box in the first picture where the transistor was.

I used D0 on the netduino and switched the relay from the netduino. The missle switch was just another precaution because you had to physicle clear the line.


I've put a 18K ohm resistor on the base and 5v on the collector. In the little box is a small push button to manual make a spark for testing. the signal wire from the control unit was also protected by a diode so there wasnt going to be 5v on the line when you pressed the push button.


ive stabalized the power from the car battery with these from bitwizard: power stabalizers


next year we get the linux drivers compiled on the PI for the touch screen and the WIFI Accespoint.. 


ps. if you need the code, send me a PM.. im happy to share it


psps im gonna get me an ignitor from sparkfun..looks awsome, just have to find the correct mosfet for it... have to shop for new gear anyway now my netduino plus is stuck in a lexaan box lol

In Topic: Netduino Plus, DIS(Direct Ignition System) and transistor help

06 January 2013 - 03:25 PM

Hi guys,


I just wanted to show you what we made with the netduino.

The netduino runs a small webserver accepting commands and produces JSON output. Im using an EventHandler factory and different mappers for the functions and hardware commonication.


Special thanks to Paul for helping with the transistor solution, NeoMika who's webserver project became the base for the Webservice, Wouter Huysentruit for the JSON parser and everybody on this forum for contributing.. The wiki was great help for getting the RGB leds working. thanks to Adam S from financecoding for sharing the code for the relayshield.


Near the end the code didnt got any nicer and had some resource locking issues, at a point the netduino would stall in debug mode while trigerring the DIS. I solved it by removing the webservers event handler and locking the trigger method.. not very nice but very functional when youre out of time.


anyway.. thanks a million for the support guys!


The controlunit for the canon, elevation adjustment, trigger and manual control

Posted Image


more detail:

Posted Image



Conrol unit:

Posted Image


wifi accespoint(emergency solution as we couldend get the wifi running on the PI

Posted Image



buttons/switches on the lid as wel as some gages and the touchscreen

Posted Image



Posted Image



And here the webapp(loaded from the raspberry PI) that controlled it all.


Heppy new year and on to the next project

In Topic: Netduino Plus, DIS(Direct Ignition System) and transistor help

23 October 2012 - 11:32 PM

Oh dear, what have I done?

Holland now have weapons of mass destruction.
What happened to growing tulips - I thought that was fun :)

On a serious note, don't use any of the transistor circuits above to trigger the DIS.

If you have not come across it yet on the forums, there is a design feature with most of the digital IO pins. When the Netduino resets or powers up, the IO pins are pulled high by internal resistors. These resistors will give enough current to turn on the transistors above.
If your Netduino were to be switched on, or if it was reset unexpectedly, you could start a war with Belgium or worse - burn your eyebrows off.

A simple fix but still not very safe is to use one of the IO pins that does not get pulled high (A4 or A5).

However, what I would recommend is that you use a low current opto-isolator and drive it from two Netduino pins. One to be taken high and one low. This will prevent war with Belgium due to a reset, and make it less likely a software glitch could accidentally fire the DIS. Ideally have two tasks one controlling each pin. I mention this idea in the following Wiki page

Have fun but do it safely - Paul

Safety first is our credo ;)
a war with Belgium isnt really the problem, no challenge in that lol :D

I've read about the the problem that the pins get pulled high but i havent seen a spark yet while the netduino was powering up, ive used my netduino basic for small testing.
I will have a look at incorporating an opto-isolator. At this time i used one of the unused relays on my relay shield as an extra precaution.

ps. We've been doing this stuff for almost 10 years without an incident, we'll be fine ;)

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