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Andre Trollip

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Motor Control using PWM

13 October 2014 - 04:53 PM

Hi Guys,


I have a motor controller (a cheap Chinese version) that specifies a PWM Frequency of 1KHZ-10KHZ and a PWM input level 3.5V-12V VPP.


Would I be able to use this with my Netduino? I couldn't find a frequency indicator on the Netduino 2 spec.


Thanks in advance.

Max Power of Vdc Rails

30 September 2014 - 03:11 AM

Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what the max amperage is that can be pulled from the 3.3 and 5V power rails of the N, N+, N2 and N2+ respectively, when powered from VDC jack and not USB?

I'm guessing whichever is smallest, 1A or A Max of the input source.

Or does the overall 125mA limit apply to the power rails as well?

Thanks & Regards

Powering EasyDriver and Netduino

26 August 2014 - 12:24 PM

Hi Guys,


I would like to power my Netduino and Stepper motor (via EasyDriver) from the same 12V power source. How can I protect my Netduino from the current "backdraft" as the motor starts and stops? Or is it not quite that simple?


I remember having to do that for a normal DC motor on a different project a while back.


Thanks in advance.

High Pass Filter

04 August 2014 - 03:35 PM

Hi Guys,


Anyone have an idea if you could use a 8pF Ceramic Capacitor as a high-pass filter in a 6Ohm speaker system?


I tried to Google it, but I'm afraid I just don't know enough about capacitance to understand the articles.


Thanks in advance.

xBee Stops Responding

10 January 2014 - 05:51 PM

Hi Guys,


I have an XBee 24 Series 1 and I'm trying to use it on my Netduino Plus using an Arduino Wireless Shield.


It works beautifully until about the sixth or seventh command that I send to the module in API mode through the serial port, then it doesn't respond. If I ignore that lack of response and continue to send commands, it works again for an arbitrary number of commands and stops again.


My serial port is set up for 9600, No Parity, One Stop Bit, and 8 Data Bits.


I do not send and receive simultaneously. I have also tried flushing the port after every send and receive. And I've tried waiting 5 seconds after every command. These things didn't work.


It seems to not be related to the type of commands I send.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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