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#63737 VS2015 teething troubles and some solutions

Posted by Jason.Net on 01 August 2015 - 02:48 PM


I have spent the best part of the day moving one of my projects to VS2015 under Win10. It didn't go smoothly so I though I'd share the main problems I encountered and some solutions.




Error    MMP0000    Cannot parse method signature '.ctor'

That's not very usefull and it took a while to get to something meaningfull. The solution came from here. It boils down (eventually) to the compiler not allowing you to reference arrays of structs. If you want to test it then compile this. Comment out the var b = bars[0] and it will compile. My workaround was to change the struct to a class. Not fixed but worked around.

public Foo()
            var bars = new[] { new Bar() };
            var b = bars[0];

        struct Bar



Easy one this but i'll include it anyway. foreach will not iterate through a string. This no longer works.

String s = "hello";
foreach (char c in s)


String s = "hello";
foreach (char c in s.ToCharArray())


Just when you think it is all working and the device is initialising in the debugger


unknown type: System.Diagnostics.DebuggerBrowsableState


Answer came from here. There is an enum it can't locate and i could not find which assembly I was missing, if indeed this was the problem. If anyone knows please let me know. The solution is to put this in your project

namespace System.Diagnostics
    public enum DebuggerBrowsableState

No.4 Not relevent to Netduino but Wix projects are not recognised. You need to use the 3.10 release candidate for VS2015.


No.5 Not relevent but hard to track down. If you get the error 0x80131700 MMP it is because you don't have the 3.5 version of the .net framework installed. In windows 10 goto turn windows features on or off and select .Net Framework  3.5( includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)



If windows complains the Netduino is missing a driver then uninstall the netduinosdk and install it again. I think this is already posted somewhere but I wanted to keep the list complete.


Hope that helps someone



Edit: spelling and No.6

#53056 Building Custom Firmware but is RVDS obsolete?

Posted by Jason.Net on 05 October 2013 - 10:57 AM

It seems that RVDS has been replaced with the Development Studio. However there is a free community edition.


Is RVDS still the preffered way to build custom firmware for these devices?

Anyone have any experience in either?




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