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#62159 Current flash instructions

Posted by kiwi65 on 17 April 2015 - 04:14 AM

Hey Eric, Here's the stuff I purchased... once I gave up on the USB->FTDI (RS232 Level) breakout that I'd purchased


1. USB -> RS232 DB9 cable

2. Female DB9 PCB connector

3. Breakout board

#62068 Netduino Mini not playing nicely with SAM-BA 2.15

Posted by kiwi65 on 09 April 2015 - 07:54 AM

Ive run into a wall attempting to upgrade my Netduino Mini from NetMF 4.1 to 4.2.


I've learned that the bootloader will need to be updated before upgrading from NetMF 4.1. I learned Ill need to use SAM-BA to install the bootloader, and I can only flash the Mini over its RS232 serial interface (not its TTL interface)


The theorys great, but things seem to come unstuck for me when I try to use SAM-BA.


I followed these setup steps:

  1. Completely reset the Mini with 5v to the tiny reset pad for ~1 second. 
  2. My laptop does not have native serial RS232 so Ive set up for the bootloader flash with a USB->RS232 FTDI breakout board. Board RX connected to Mini TX. Board TX connected to Mini RX. Board Gnd connected to Mini Gnd. My setup looks pin perfect to Frodes.
  3. Powered up the Mini with 9v to pin24 and Gnd to pin23. The obligatory breadboard LED glows to confirm that I had indeed provided power to the device
  4. Checked all the COM settings were good, 115200 8 N 1
  5. Run SAM-BA 2.15, selected the FTDI-presented COM port (the only COM port listed), selected AT91SAM7X512-EK, and hit Connect

Theres a flurry of TX/RX traffic on the FTDI LEDs and then SAM-BA returns a dialog titled Invalid Chip ID. I get the same dialog when any AT91 device is selected in step 5.


Thinking that my Mini could be dead, I lifted it from the ZIF socket and tried again checking the RX/TX LEDs. This time there was no RX traffic, which Ive interpreted as meaning the Mini is alive and can respond to SAM-BA when I click the Connect button.


Ive googled until Chrome shows every  relevant link in purple (been there, read that!).. so now Im kinda stuck.


Id be stoked to hear anyones wisdom on this topic. Thanks in advance!

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