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#64835 Analog Outputs - Outputing varying voltages between 0v-3.3v

Posted by shiv.kumar on 02 February 2016 - 12:46 PM

Does anyone know how to use the AnalogOutput ports? I'd like to be able to output voltages between 0v-3.3v using these ports.


I'm stuck at trying to initialize the ports. That is:

private AnalogOutput analogOutput = new AnalogOutput(Cpu.AnalogOutputChannel.ANALOG_OUTPUT_0);

Compiles ok, but I get an Exception at runtime. Exception message has no useful information. I've tried the other constructor overloads as well (with various values), but no luck.


I'm guessing the analog outputs have 8bit resolution? Also, if anyone knows, I'm guessing I could simply write values from 0-255 to get output voltages from 0-3.3v. Is this correct?

#64815 Wi-Fi Shield for Netduino Plus 2

Posted by shiv.kumar on 28 January 2016 - 11:19 PM

@Nevyn, did you read the part about TLS and SSL support? Also in the US a shield would cost $25-$30 and the advantage is that it is conveniently mounted along with the ND making the "gadget":

1. More self sufficient.

2. Easily deployable in the field and/or transportable

3. Driven by a battery pack (or less power nonetheless)

4. No Ethernet cable required

5. The router or network cable is not always conveniently located or accessible to the ND on the home or office


if TLS/SSL were not a requirement maybe we could have a solution that uses one of the $5 USB dongles 

#64808 If referencing Wi-Fi assemblies - PWM doesn't work anymore

Posted by shiv.kumar on 25 January 2016 - 07:45 PM

Sorry guys, false alarm.


I have a static class with a static PWM member in my project. It is not used (referenced) anywhere in the project. However one of the PWM pins was conflicting with another class that was in use). It seems that in NETMF, static members are initialized even though the type itself is never referenced.


It took me a while to nail it down but eventually, I commented the class out and that cured the problem and so that's how it figured this issue out.


Anyway, I do have my Netduino 3 Wi-Fi working with PWM working as well. Whew!

#64805 If referencing Wi-Fi assemblies - PWM doesn't work anymore

Posted by shiv.kumar on 25 January 2016 - 04:43 PM

I have a simple project that uses PWM to dim and brighten the on-board LED.

 public class Program
        public static void Main()
            PWM led1 = new PWM(PWMChannels.PWM_ONBOARD_LED, 100d, 0.001d, false);
            while (true)
                for (var startValue = 4.712d; startValue < 10.995; startValue = startValue + 0.005)
                    double endValue = System.Math.Sin(startValue) * .5 + .5;                    
                    led1.DutyCycle = endValue;

This works as expected only if I don't reference the Microsoft.SPOT.Wireless.IEEE_802_15_4 assembly.


If I do reference this assembly then the PWM doesn't work. Just to be clear, I don't make any code changes. I simply add the assembly reference.


Has anyone else experienced this? Or could someone try this on their end to see if they get the same behavior ?


#64780 Netduino 3 Wifi - Not seen in MFDeploy after Update to

Posted by shiv.kumar on 21 January 2016 - 04:21 AM

Just got my Netduino 3 Wifi and attempted to apply the update. The first time I updated I could see my Netduino in the MFdeploy tool but I couldn't see anywhere to provide my wireless network credentials.


Anyway, I tried all sorts of things and eventually MFDeploy wasn't seeing my Netduino. So I decided to Erase the flash. I the saw my device (in Device Manager as "STM Device in DFU Mode" when powered on with the button pressed).


However, I did see my Netduino in the Netduino Update tool as Netduino 3 Wi-Fi. so I selected it and updated. I then saw the device in Device manager under "Other Devices" as Netduino 3 W-Fi but with an exclamation icon. I now don't see the device in MFDeploy (selecting USB or any of the others).


What can/should I do next?


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