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Netduino 3 WiFi - no WiFi connection, no IP?

27 December 2015 - 02:18 AM

Hi there,

Santa Claus brought me a brand new Netduino 3 WiFi and I already thought this would be a "happy hacking Christmas". Unfortunately, it was not.

I tried to get the N3 connected to my network but I could not make any progress so far. I have been working with .NET for many years and using a Netduino Plus 2 for quite a while. So I think I have some experience with this.

However, I was not able to connect my N3 to my network. Or maybe I was....    Things are not quite clear.

FYI: Im running VS 2013 Community Edition on a Windows 10 System, NETMF SDK 4.3, Netduino SDK and Netduino firmware

Here is what did and what happened (or not):

- connected the N3 to my computer for the 1st time, driver was installed correctly

- running MFDeploy to set the WiFi settings

- creating a little .NET program which first blinks the onboard LED, then using the "wait for IP address" code form
  the best practice part as posted in this forum, then waiting for an IP address and if it gets one continuously
  blinking the LED

- deploying the program the the N3 and running it

- WiFi LED on the board remains yellow for a few seconds, then turned green (should be connected now)

- I have checked my WiFi routers protocol and found the N3 connected, its shown in the log with an IP address

- the "wait for IP address" loop in my code never terminates, debugging shows IP address

  (which is - of course! - different from the one my router shows for the N3)

- to ensure that the connection basically works I have changed the WiFi password to a wrong one for the N3 using MFDeploy,   restarted the N3 and checked the WiFi LED: first yellow, the off (not sure) but never green!

- changed back the password to the valid one, restarted the N3: LED first yellow, then green. Should be connected. N3 also visible in the list of connected devices on my router, again with valid IP address

- code on N3 still not able to "see" an IP address

- in VS output window I get this error message, every time the "wait for IP address" loop iterates:

"A first chance exception of type 'Netduino.IP.LinkLayers.CC3100SimpleLinkException' occurred in Netduino.IP.LinkLayers.CC3100"

After playing around with it for several hours trying different WiFi settings (using MFDeploy) and trying several debugging stuff I decided to have a beer instead. Im somehow pissed now, not from the beer but from the N3. Or - more likely - once again from Microsoft. I dont know yet ;)

Obviously it is connected (green LED, visible in the routers list of connected devices) but also not, because I cannot obtain an IP address within my code.

I do not expect this to be a hardware problem of the N3. Im pretty sure I did something wrong, maybe my code is rubbish. However, is there somebody out there who has similar problems and was able to get them fixed? Or can anybody describe how he/she gets his/her N3 connected to a WiFi network?

Im using this to check for WiFi connectivity:

while (IPAddress.GetDefaultLocalAddress() == IPAddress.Any)

And could anybody explain what the error message means:

"A first chance exception of type 'Netduino.IP.LinkLayers.CC3100SimpleLinkException' occurred in Netduino.IP.LinkLayers.CC3100"  ??  Google obviously cant ;)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...



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