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NetDuino Plus 2 Boards in Venezuala

17 August 2014 - 06:41 PM

Hi Dears


I would like to purchase two Netduino Plus 2 boards. I would like to know if secretlabs deliver them to Venezuela or there are any stores here which sell them in Venezuela?



Tutorials about the SetUp, Configuration and Communication!

18 June 2014 - 07:08 PM

Hey Guys!


Been in the community for a while now. Sometimes, i think it wont be nice if there are some good tutorials available? Though, i am in the community for couple of months now, but still i am not been able to communicate NetDuino wirelessly, use of Micro SD card, connectly multiple NetDuinos. All i know about NetDuinos is how to make Client/server configuration using DS1820 sensors  :(


It would highly be appreciated if someone from the community come up with some  nice tutorials about


1.  Wireless connection among Netduinos (Many Clients/Server)----- Step by Step configuration of which equipments are required and HOW they will be connected. 


2. Use of MicroSD card-----Step by Step procedure about using MicroSD card. How to read and write to it


3. How a bunch of NetDuinos will communicate with each other Wirelessly. 



For any newcomer to the community, its a challenging issue to get started with NetDuino boards.  It would be very nice if we can come up with all tutorials in one place. I know there is a very nice book "Getting started with Internet of Things ". But it does not have any practical setup of netduinos in terms of above issues. 




Writing Temperature Sensor Readings to a file

13 May 2014 - 10:15 AM

I am extracting temperature reading from temperature sensor DS18B20 built application. I am obtaining values from temperature sensor build on NetDuino plus2. Whenever temperature of room changes, temperature server notify the client. I want to write the observed values from temperature sensor to a file (preferably to excel file) so that i can plot my simulation results. The debug command in the code below print temperature values whenever they are updated. Can anyone help me with code to write the values to an excel spreadsheet or another file.
void OnCoAPRequestReceived(CoAPRequest coapReq)
            if (coapReq.MessageType.Value == CoAPMessageType.CON)
                //Extract the temperature..but first, check if the notification is fresh
                //The server sends a 4-digit sequence number
                int newObsSeq = AbstractByteUtils.ToUInt16(coapReq.Options.GetOption(CoAPHeaderOption.OBSERVE).Value);
                if ((lastObsSeq < newObsSeq && ((newObsSeq - lastObsSeq) < (System.Math.Pow(2, 23)))) ||
                    (lastObsSeq > newObsSeq && ((lastObsSeq - newObsSeq) > (System.Math.Pow(2, 23)))) ||
                    DateTime.Now > lastObsRx.AddSeconds(128))
                    //The value received from server is the new temperature
                    //We got the will be in payload in JSON
                    string payload = AbstractByteUtils.ByteToStringUTF8(coapReq.Payload.Value);
                    Hashtable keyVal = JSONResult.FromJSON(payload);
                     //int temp = Convert.ToInt32(keyVal["temp"].ToString());
                     //float temp = 10.1f;
                     float temp = (float)Double.Parse(keyVal["temp"].ToString());
                    Debug.Print("Temperature of Room is " + temp);

1-Wire DS18B20 Programming Errors

29 April 2014 - 12:49 PM



I am work on constrained protocol having NetDuino platform (v4.2.2). I added OneWireBus.cs and DS18B20.CS to my server for temperature monitoring of the room. However, i am getting errors




'Observe_Server_Netduino.Program' does not contain a definition for '_oneWire' and no extension method '_oneWire' accepting a first argument of type 'Observe_Server_Netduino.Program' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) E:\CoAP Implementation\Observing Resources\Observe-Server-Netduino\Observe-Server-Netduino\Program.cs 169 26 Observe-Server-Netduino

 Error 2:

The type or namespace name 'DS18B20' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) E:\CoAP Implementation\Observing Resources\Observe-Server-Netduino\Observe-Server-Netduino\Program.cs 170 17 Observe-Server-Netduino
I am using drivers from  
Funny thing is they work perfectly fine as standalone. but when i integrate them into my server program, i am getting the above errors. Any Idea?

Netduino Plus 2 board always appear in TinyBooter Mode!

26 February 2014 - 11:58 AM

Hi! I am new to NetDuino community and also to the device!


I bought two NetDuino Plus 2 boards this week. Since i am new to them, so playing with them to understand how they work.  One of the board has an issue now.

When i plug it in, and  ping it, it says



Bootloader build inof: Netudino Plus 2(V4.2.2.2.) by Secret Labs LLC


Even without pressing the pushbutton at plug in, it appear in bootloader mode. When i press pushbutton, and select USB in .NETMF, it is blank. 


 Target->Device Capabilities show " No Supported"


I cannot enter TinyClr mode


I tried to re-install firmware using the link below



but DFUTester does not show the device  (whether i press the pushbutton or not ).When i try to install the firmware using Dfuse Demonstration and try to chose firmware, Upgrade button get disabled. 


In short, i cannot configure it as a server or client for my project. One of the device is working properly as server, when i try to send request to the server from client (this very same device which i mentioned above). it cannot send request and in .NET only "assemblies deploy " option appear. 


I dont know what to do to tackle this situation. 



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