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#55371 Self-updating Netduino application ?

Posted by MrSmoofy on 14 January 2014 - 06:58 PM

I'm new to netdunio so I don't have all your answers but I have thought about this myself.  I also read about running your program from the SD card on these forums.


I'm not sure if there would be a way to update the netdunio's memory where you typically publish your program to while it's running however a thought I had was if what was on the netduino's memory was just code that allowed itself to download program updates and run the program and then the program itself was on an SD card then that would be easier to have the netduino download updates and stop and start the running program.


Your still stuck if you need to update the main program that is doing the launching of the program on the SD card and getting the updates but figured I'd pass along my idea.  


Again I'm new I've not tried this but based on what I've read it should work.

#53847 IR Camera for Netduino

Posted by MrSmoofy on 06 November 2013 - 02:53 PM

Not to give away to much of my project idea as I think it's something I could sell.  What I'm looking for is a IR camera so that I can see both day and night and want to be able to do not really facial recognition of humans but some recognition of animals and process what is see and whether to open/unlock a door.


Seems like this would be a cool project to do I'm just not sure if there is a small IR camera (doesn't need to be big) that works with the netdunio and if I'll be able to do any kind of recognition with it.  I won't be streaming the video only reacting to what the camera sees.


I saw this post "http://forums.netdui...nfrared +camera" which makes me think it might be possible.

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