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Support for Micro SD Card > 2 GB

10 September 2015 - 04:16 PM

Hi Chris,


The Netduino 3 family of development boards has recently been released.  I note from the Netduino 3 hardware specifications page that, under "Storage" (Micro SD Cards) the limitation continues to be 

"up to 2 GB"


(i.e. it is the same as for Netduino Plus 2).


This is a bit of a problem for me as I'm finding it more & more difficult to find Micro SD cards at this size given the progression of technology.  I'm finding that you can still get these low capacity cards but there is a price inversion and they are becoming more costly than 4 GB cards, given that scarcity has come into the equation.


I have seen a few other postings in the Netduino forums that at least mention this problem:

In one of your responses (March 2013) you talked about the potential for upgrading capacity to > 2 GB in a future release.


I'd like to ask where things are with this?


My understanding is that there are (currently) 3 different SD family standards:

  • (Original) SD Standard:  up to 2 GB using FAT12 & FAT16 filesystems
  • SDHC Standard:  > 2 GB - 32 GB using FAT32 filesystem
  • SDXC Standard:  > 32 GB - 2 TB using exFAT filesystem

So I guess what I'm really asking is "What is the potential for Netduino to support SDHC in the near future?"  Is this a hardware limitation or (I'm hoping) is it just Netduino firmware &/or the current NETMF implementation?


By the way - for my intended use (the irony of the situation), my data storage requirements are actually far less than any of the capacities mentioned.



Is this possible - Mixed Visual Studio Solution (.NET Mainstream and .NET Micro Framewo...

26 August 2015 - 02:37 AM

Hi I'm looking to do the following...


Create a Visual Studio solution consisting of 3 projects:


Project #1:  A simple Class Library consisting of a single class that does some fairly modest stuff.  It is specifically designed to make use of base classes that are COMMON to both the .NET (Mainstream) Framework and the .NET Micro Framework.


Project #2:  Implements a Windows Forms application, which consumes the class created in Project #1.


Project #3:  Implements a Netduino Universal application, which also consumes the class created in Project #1.


Is this even possible?  If so, could somebody offer some suggestions as to how to make it happen?


I find that I can Add References to the shared class from both my .NET (Mainstream) and .NET Micro Framework applications at design time & that everything resolves at that time.  However, when I try to build my project, I get errors to this effect:

  • Error Could not copy the file "C:\Users\Ian\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Experiments\Mixed Solution NETMF and NET\MathStuff\bin\Debug\LE\" because it was not found. NETMF Calculator
  • Error Could not copy the file "C:\Users\Ian\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Experiments\Mixed Solution NETMF and NET\MathStuff\bin\Debug\LE\" because it was not found. NETMF Calculator
  • Warning The project 'MyMathLib' cannot be referenced. The referenced project is targeted to a different framework family (.NETFramework) NETMF Calculator
This in retrospect makes sense to me because - when I created the shared class - I guess I did it as a .NET (Mainstream) Framework class library as opposed to a .NET Micro Framework class library.
I just want to create a single code base that can be consumed by programs on both the Mainstream & Micro side of things.
I have looked at the Visual Studio Multi-Targeting Overview; it sounds like you can target different versions of the .NET (Mainstream) Framework but not simultaneously.  Also, when you actually try to do some of the things described in that article, it only shows the mainstream framework versions as options (it does NOT show any of the Micro Frameworks (at least for me).
Visual Studio Multi-Targeting Overview
Maybe I should be looking at something else?


Lastly, to answer the question of WHY would I want to do this.  I have 2 reasons:

  1. First, I'm looking to speed up my process in terms of creating a class library that I can utilize on the Netduino.  I find that the Edit / Compile / Debug process (of deploying to the Netduino) is very slow compared to just staying 100% on the PC (during the development process).
  2. Secondly, with my application design, I'm actually looking to create a kind of an automated agent that runs on the Netduino (empowered to act on behalf of the user) AND an end-user application (with a full GUI) that runs on the PC which basically has the same capabilities (plus some additional features).

Attached is some sample code which illustrates the class consumption issue.  It's not my actual application.


Attached File  MathStuff.cs   1.45KB   2 downloads

Attached File  Program.cs   637bytes   4 downloads

Attached File  Form1.cs   1.31KB   1 downloads


I will certainly appreciate any suggestions that you may have.


Thank you,


Netduino Application (Universal) Template: Shows up in VS2013 Express but not in VS201...

08 August 2015 - 04:49 AM

Hi All,
This is probably a goof up on my part. Wondering if others are seeing it also...
I have BOTH of these Visual Studio versions installed on my Windows 7 PC:
  • Visual Studio Community 2013 
  • Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
In addition to the Microsoft development environments, I have the following .NET Micro Framework packages installed as well (installed as per the instructions found on the Netduino downloads page.
  • .NET Micro Framework SDK 4.3 
  • .NET Micro Framework Plugin for VS2013 
  • Netduino SDK [shows up as Netduino SDK 4.3.2 (May 2015)]

I am seeing differences between Visual Studio Express & Visual Studio Community when I go to create a New Project using the Micro Framework templates.

In Visual Studio Express 2013, I see 5 different templates:

  • Class Library
  • Console Application
  • Device Emulator
  • Netduino Application (Universal)    <= This one is missing in Visual Studio Community
  • Window Application

However, in Visual Studio Community 2013, I only see 4 templates:

  • Class Library
  • Console Application
  • Device Emulator
  • Window Application

The Netduino Application (Universal) template is missing from the list.  Please see attached screen captures.

Can anybody tell me what I goofed up here?

Thanks in advance...

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