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In Topic: Is my Mini dead?

08 February 2011 - 11:38 PM

Awesome. What ended up being the culprit?

Switching the TX and the RX wires did it.

Couple of questions...

Any way I can get it to stop flashing all the LEDs on initial startup? The Netduino doesn't make all the i/o ports high or something on initial startup does it? I've tried using a pull-down resistor on the 3 signal lines running to the LED driver but that doesn't work, it seems to send a high signal every time it starts up, which kind of ruins the startup animation.

Also, it seems to be misinterpreting a single momentary switch press as multiple presses. This results in it skipping animations, which is ok for the animation mode, as those are just a bunch of random animations in no particular order, but the movie replica mode (what I'm calling it right now) has a set of 3 animations that are in order, so it skipping animations really screws up that mode.

In Topic: Is my Mini dead?

08 February 2011 - 03:11 PM

Ok, good to go. The basic program I first wrote to blink a LED is working, so I should be good to continue my work on the Disc Mod. Thanks for all the help! Edit: Success...the disc is back up and running, so I can proceed with the changes I was working on.

In Topic: Is my Mini dead?

08 February 2011 - 01:43 PM

Nah I never tried that...and here's the result:

ÿ.NetMF v4.1...
er version 400771

TinyCLR (Build 4.1.2821.0)

er version 400771

TinyCLR (Build 4.1.2821.0)

Created EE.
Started Hardware.
TO̯ÁêMSdbgV1ýÛ¯ÁêMSdbgV1yܯÁêMSdbgV1;bÔ¯ÁêMSdbgV1ØÓ¯ÁêMSdbgV10iãû¯êMSdbgV16ü¯Áë êMSdbgV1<¯ô¯Áë
êMSdbgV1$#Õë¯ÁêMSdbgV1"À#ì¯ÁêMSdbgV1`A:»¯ÁêMSdbgV1f¢Ì¼¯ÁêMSdbgV1l×´¯ÁêMSdbgV1jd!³¯ÁêMSdbgV1xÍ᤯ÁêNo debugger!
Create TS.
Loading start at 1360dc, end 14824c
Attaching file.
Assembly: mscorlib (4.1.2821.0) (3880 RAM - 33236 ROM - 19134 METADATA)

Attaching file.
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Native (4.1.2821.0) (1144 RAM - 6516 ROM - 4479 METADATA)

Attaching file.
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware (4.1.2821.0) (1752 RAM - 11440 ROM - 7371 METADATA)

Attaching file.
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort (4.1.2821.0) (508 RAM - 3440 ROM - 1527 METADATA)

Attaching file.
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.IO (4.1.2821.0) (740 RAM - 4620 ROM - 2522 METADATA)

Attaching file.
Assembly: System.IO (4.1.2821.0) (1548 RAM - 13292 ROM - 5862 METADATA)

Attaching file.
Assembly: SecretLabs.NETMF.Hardware ( (256 RAM - 1108 ROM - 491 METADATA)

Attaching file.
Assembly: SecretLabs.NETMF.Diagnostics ( (180 RAM - 440 ROM - 166 METADATA)

Loading Deployment Assemblies.
Attaching deployed file.
Assembly: NetduinoMiniTransportSelector ( (244 RAM - 1168 ROM - 310 METADATA)


Total: (8784 RAM - 75260 ROM - 41862 METADATA)

Total: (8784 RAM - 75260 ROM - 41862 METADATA)



Starting to load the files for Visual Studio. Little trickier within the VM.

I can't get it to power off of the Breadboard power supply (which gets its power from USB). I checked the output of the 5V line and it runs around 5.15V, which I suspect is a little too high for the Mini.

I'm in chat now, so I'll keep an eye on it. I'm home sick from work, so I have a bit more time to work on this.

In Topic: Is my Mini dead?

08 February 2011 - 02:09 AM

Thor--this is on the _new_ Mini, correct?

Also, if you hook pins 2+3 og the serial adapter together do you get characters echoed back (loopback)?


Yes , I haven't even touched the old mini since it stopped responding. It is still soldered in the pcb I put it in.

Actually no it doesn't echo back the should though, as far as I know the device is working perfectly. Is there something possibly in the configuration in Putty that is stopping the Echo from returning? Or perhaps I'm just not recognizing it as an echo. I expected that when I type something in, either it immediately doubles that character or it waits until after I hit enter to echo it on the next line. Problem is, it never leaves the first line. If I hit enter it just goes back to the start of the line. all characters remain and any I type just replace the character that was there before it.

So it's actually acting exactly how the FTDI acted when doing that test.

I posted a couple of pictures from the setup of the adapter with the wires.
(and no the wires are not's closed just tight enough for them to stay put, but it doesn't impact the insulation at all.)

edit: ok I think I understand it now. I disabled local echo in the Putty client which should mean anything I type should not show up in the window. so when it's hooked up for a loopback, I still see the characters I'm typing, which are actually the echo. When I moved the transmit wire to another spot so they aren't in loopback...I get nothing int he putty window.

And by using the same test with the FTDI...I get echo back. appears the mini is still completely nonresponsive, despite confirming that the serial adapter is sending and receiving commands.

In Topic: Is my Mini dead?

07 February 2011 - 08:35 PM

Ok, I got the driver installed on a VM and successfully made a connection to the adapter through the it recognizes it as COM3. But when I try the same steps as above...I still get nothing except for the blinking of the activity light on the serial adapter. Nothing in Putty when the Mini is powered on and nothing when I hit Escape in Putty. Edit: perhaps I should go over what I do to setup a Putty connection. I immediately change to Serial mode. Change it to COM3 and the speed to 115200. Then I selection Serial under Connection on the left. I double check the COM port and speed again. Data bits is set to 8, stop bits to 1, parity to none, flow control to none. Sound right? And just to try something different, I eliminated the power supply as an issue. I hooked it up to the same power supply I used when I originally developed it...a molex connector coming from one of my PC's. So 12V straight into Pin 24 of the mini. To check to see if the Mini was working correctly for one of the most basic functions, I measured a clean 5V coming from Pin 21. The pins I'm using for the wires to the Mini from the serial adapter are pins 2(RX), 3(TX), and 5(Signal GND) on the serial connection. TX hooked up to pin 1, RX hooked up to pin 2, and GND hooked up to pin 4.

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