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Linking MCU startup file / DFU flashing issue

startup_stm32f2xx.s startup gcc dfu stm32f2xx system configuration

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#1 knutolai


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Posted 10 May 2013 - 03:01 PM

I'm having trouble getting my MCU to understand the pre-compiled code I flash onto it. Im using the STM32F2xx standard peripheral libraries which comes with some example projects as well as a template for creating your own projects. I'm using a MINGW GCC compiler. Running in the 'cmd' screen (windows 7). I manage to compile my test-project, though I had to move certain library files around to make it work. 
I suspect that there is a issue with the 'startup_stm32f2xx.s' file which is supposed to configure clock settings for the microcontroller. 
From main.c of standard peripheral template:


int main(void) {
/*!< At this stage the microcontroller clock setting is already configured, 
this is done through SystemInit() function which is called from startup
file (startup_stm32f2xx.s) before to branch to application main.
To reconfigure the default setting of SystemInit() function, refer to
system_stm32f2xx.c file */
How would I go about linking the start-up file to my project? I have one which is supposed to work with gcc. It says "gcc_ride7" in the file directory, but I can't seem to find a line of code linking it to the project. 
There might also be a issue with the way I compile my code. I compile writing "gcc main.c" which produces a .exe executable file. DFUSE allowes me to convert this into a .dfu file. When I attempt to flash this onto the board, after erasing the board, the loading-bar finishes in half a second. When I reconnect the board, leaving bootloader-mode, the uploaded code has no effect on the board.
I highly doubt my code is faulty as it is strictly based on one of the example projects designed for the STM32F2xx MCU.  
Does anyone have suggestions on things I could try out? 

#2 NooM


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Posted 10 May 2013 - 04:54 PM

i _guess_ you wanna use arm gcc compiler, mingw gcc from what i know if for windows apps.


iam using coocox as ide, and the newest arm gcc from launchpad.

#3 knutolai


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 12:01 AM

[color=rgb(40,40,40);][font="helvetica;"]iam using coocox as ide, and the newest arm gcc from launchpad.[/color][/font]

Nice, free stuff! :) I'll give them a try. Coocox has compitability with STM32F1xx and F4xx chips. Should probably be a close enough fit for my F2xx device.

I was able to import and replace library and core files to the project. However when a new project is created one has to chose a chip. Does this, on the functionality of the IDE, go beyond the libraries the IDE provides/suggests?

I might have found working setup using GCC Tools ARM Embedded, Eclipse, GCC Make and CROSS ARM GNU Plugin. Links:
http://sourceforge.n.../gnuarmeclipse/ CROSS ARM GNU Plugin

http://gnuwin32.sour...ckages/make.htm GCC Make (place "make.exe", "libiconv2.dll", "libintl3.dll" in compiler path. GCC ARM compiler

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: startup_stm32f2xx.s, startup, gcc, dfu, stm32f2xx, system configuration

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