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High Speed Photography

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 01:11 PM

Firstly, I truly appreciate the great response my query prompted on this forum.
To be honest I feel a little proud I somewhat triggered such conversation and a possible tweek/improvement to the core of Netduino platform.

I have to ask why the Netudino (or any microcontroller) is being used in a circuit like this? It doesn't appear to be the right tool to use. Surely this is a job for something like the versatile NE555?

As Mario above mentioned, I fall in the category of geek that was always intrigued by electronics and knows (somewhat) how to solder, but ended up studding programming instead. So when it comes to voltage dividers and 555s and figuring what resistor I need to hook an LED? I have no clue. So I figure, I know how to program, I could follow some example circuit designs with analog and digital input sensors and adopt those to achieve a goal (however simple||challenging) and be proud of my electronic achievement. Plus I think it impresses my wife a little bit :)

Fair enough if you just want to see if it can be done.

That's exactly it. But more then just seeing if it can be done, us photographers are pretty much programmed to pay for gear and equipment. $50 for a Netduino to catch a bullet in flight may be an overkill but those high-speed photographers that are not do it yourselfers pay upward of $200 for prepackaged circuits that do the same thing.

See: Stop Shot or Camera AXE

To be able to catch a bullet consistently, fired from a BB gun is my personal goal at this time. And the reason I want to do it with a Netduino is expandability, ease of use by programming and off course the COOL factor.

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