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Netduino Plus 2 and SerLCD LCD-09067

30 January 2014 - 02:32 AM

I'll start with the caveat that I'm still a novice at this, and am hoping someone will immediately know what I'm doing wrong based on the symptoms.


I have a Netduino Plus 2, firmware 4.2.2, and am attempting to send data to a 3.3v SerLCD LCD-09067, a 16x2 LCD.  I'm using Visual C# 2010.  When I send data, all I get is a set of parallel vertical lines in the first cursor position of the first line.


From the SerLCD datasheet, I've tried using the 254 commands to reposition the cursor and 124 commands to turn off the backlight--neither works.  Tried using both decimal and hex.  I've looked all over the forum without luck--it seems this should be really simple.


I've also tried keeping the board unpowered during Netduino boot, to avoid garbage characters being sent.  Still no luck.


The one thing that's occurred to me--does the Netduino 3.3v pin have enough power for the SerLCD board?  (I can't find my 3 volt battery pack at the moment, or would have tested this.)


After the program exits, if I leave everything turned on, after a couple minutes, additional vertical lines appear in the next cursor positions (6 more, at the moment).  Not sure if that's helpful or just spurious.


Thanks in advance for any help.


--John Mc

Netduino 2 Plus loses firmware

29 October 2013 - 11:33 AM

Copying from the Netduino 2 Plus 4.2.2 firmware thread--looks like it might have been missed there, and seems like it might be misplaced there, anyway.


Tried flashing with 4.3 beta 1; it went smoothly, and the first time I started debugging, the program deployed without incident from Visual C# 2012.  The second time I deploy, Visual Studio gives, "There were deployment errors--continue?"  The output window shows "cannot attach debugger engine."  After answering "No" to "Continue?" the error list shows "unable to connect to device."  Curious, I ran MFDeploy; it says there is "No debugger!" found and "Cannot find any entrypoint," although the Device Capabilities info all seems to say (beta 1).  The program I initially deployed is identified by name in MFDeploy.  The IP address shows as, if that matters.


I erased and re-flashed with 4.3 beta 1 to verify it wasn't a one-time event.  Same results.  As I recall, this is the same thing that happened with 4.2--it seemed to work the first time from Visual C# 2010, but didn't after that.


Am I missing something obvious, or have we reached RMA stage?




John Mc

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