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In Topic: Netduino Plus 2 - AnalogInput & SetRange errors

11 March 2013 - 03:26 AM

How was the problem solved? I'm facing the exact same problem now.


number 6 seems to be just a matter of changing int potValue=0; to double potValue=0;

In Topic: Netduino Plus 2 Firmware v4.2.2 (update 2)

06 March 2013 - 04:25 PM

Scratch this last post. I just discovered that I'm trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. 4.2.2 is for Netduino Plus 2, I'm trying it on a Netduino Plus. 

In Topic: Netduino Plus 2 Firmware v4.2.2 (update 2)

06 March 2013 - 04:14 PM

I am unable to complete the steps  you have listed on my netduino plus, when I do this:


"[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]5. Select the Target menu, Device Capabilities option."[/color]


[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]MFDeploy just hangs. With 4.1 it would spit out a bunch of text.[/color]


[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]If I ping the device it returns this: [/color]

Pinging... TinyBooter

Bootloader build info: Netduino Plus (v4.2.0.1) by Secret Labs LLC
When I load up: STDFU_tester the Netduino doesn't show up in the list of devices. So I can't do any of those steps.  It does show up in the MFDeploy and the device is listed in my device manager. I've tried erasing via the MFDeploy and Deploying the Bin/Hex files but it fails and gives me this error:
Invalid address 8020000 and range 65e38 Ram Start 0, Ram end 20000
Any ideas?

In Topic: Netduino Drivers

05 March 2013 - 08:08 AM

I am stuck. I have flashed my Netduino using the 3v3 to gold square. Now I can't do any of the next steps to bring it back up.


In the windows XP device manager I have a USB device (my netduino) that has no drivers. I have attempted to install the drivers you've attached, but no luck. When I lselect the folder when I attempt to install the drivers I get a "Cannot install drivers" message.


Without the drivers, the atmel is failing saying it cannot connect.


Any suggestions?

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