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RFM12B over SPI

17 January 2011 - 07:00 AM

I'm struggling to get the Netduino talking with the RFM12B radio ( over SPI, and I'm running out of ideas. I based the code on the Arduino libraries ( Attached is my demo code. I'm getting intermittent problems with the nIRQ line. It either never goes down or it never goes up. If the interrupt handler fires (sometimes even before the radio setup is done), the data coming back is much larger than the buffer, and doesn't look right at all (something like 128, 128, 0, 0, 64, 8, 0, 4, 4, etc.) Also, if I attach the interrupt handler, I get garbage reads before the radio is even initialized. It looks like port.DisableInterrupts doesn't actually disable the interrupts. I've tried a bunch of variations on the SPI configuration, and I haven't gotten the radio to respond well at all. Does anyone have any ideas? Attached File   1.99KB   31 downloads

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