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Troubles with sonar sensors

14 May 2013 - 10:56 PM

Hi Everybody,


I'm having troubles with making the sonar sensors work. I used both Parallax Ping and HC-SR04, but neither of those worked well.


The problem with HC-SR04 is that I'm always getting -1 as result. The code is from this library: http://forums.netdui...ic-rangefinder/

Tried connecting to different digital pins but it didnt work either. Powering from 5V pin of the netduino. Is there anything I'm missing?


The Parallax Ping works "sometimes".  If it works i get correct distance result. The trouble with this one is that sometimes it gets stuck in following loop:

while (lineState)lineState = _port.Read();

Using this code:



Are those sensors sensitive to the power source? Running from USB. 


Any help is highly appreciated.





P.S. I use Netduino Plus 2 with latest firmware 4.2.2.





Components Library

09 February 2013 - 06:30 PM

Hi Everybody, I'm new to netduino. Just want to see if there is a centralized library which supports various hw components line servos, ir/sonar sensors, LCD screens, etc. I've some bits of code here and there just want to know if somebody has a chance to put them together, Thanks, Ruben

Servo power wiring to Netduino Plus 2

06 February 2013 - 09:53 PM

Hi Everybody,


I'm new to netduino. I've seen this topic discussed in the forum but couldn't find a good answer. So decided to ask.


I want to control a regular servo used in rc toys. This would be analog or digital servo with 4.8V - 6V power range.

As i understood the netduino will provide 3.3V. I'm thinking about providing the power from an external source. 


Can somebody help me how to do that? Would i need to connect the + wire to my external power source, then the - from the external to the ground of netduino, and the signal of the servo to one of the PWM pins? I'm bit worried about the ground. wouldn't this fry the board? If somebody can show me photos or schematics of the wiring I would really appreciate!




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