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ND3 cannot seem to create an interrupt handler

13 June 2016 - 10:22 PM

Hi All,


Having a strange issue again with the ND3.


This code worked fine on my ND+ but will not work on my ND3

        public static InterruptPort button = new InterruptPort(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D0, false, Port.ResistorMode.PullDown, Port.InterruptMode.InterruptEdgeLevelHigh);

        public static void Main()
                button.OnInterrupt += new NativeEventHandler(button_OnInterrupt);
            catch (Exception EX)

public static void button_OnInterrupt(uint data1, uint data2, DateTime time)




When I debug it throws an argument exception for "button.OnInterrupt += new NativeEventHandler(button_OnInterrupt);" every single time. Have tried hundreds of little changes and tweaks and I could swear it actually worked a few times but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

2 projects, 1 works, 1 gives hardware error

02 June 2016 - 07:06 PM

Hey all,


Wondering if anyone has any ideas about this. I have two different projects, both created for the Netduino3 Ethernet.


One is a simple blinking light for testing hardware and I can deploy and run it fine.


The other is the actual application I am developing and it worked the first couple times after I created it. (copied source code from an ND+ project). But now for some reason everytime I try to deploy I get the following message.


"Error 1 An error has occurred: please check your hardware. "

But if I switch over to my blinking light project I can deploy it fine.
One thing to note, I found I have to use the firmware updater tool to erase the application from the ND3E to switch projects. But that doesn't explain why one works and one doesn't.
I may try building the project from scratch again.
The only other difference I can see is that I included a reference to System.IO in the project that doesn't work.

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