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In Topic: My first netduino experience

07 August 2011 - 04:50 AM

Any updates?

In Topic: AD5206 Digi Pot with SPI code....?

07 August 2011 - 03:45 AM

It seems to me that the ability to control a digital pot, as the AD5206 is, should be a really interesting task for the Netduino world. As soon you have collected enough experience around this chip, why don't you write a small tutorial for the Wiki section?
How much did you pay the AD?

I would like to do that - I am still messing around with loops and ways on how to use this chip exactly.

I got the chips from digikey for around $5 US dollars + shipping. I actually just found out that I need a 100ohm chip and I am currently using a 10ohm chip so I just ordered another one but in a 100ohm setting for the same price.

Thanks again and I'll keep you updated.


In Topic: AD5206 Digi Pot with SPI code....?

06 August 2011 - 05:28 PM

I tried your code and it didnt work... so I was like "hummmmm". I started to re-read and look at the Arduino code and wiring scheme again and found an error in their drawing. They have a wiring in the drawing going to 12 and not 11, even though he/she says pin 11 for SDI (Not 12). As soon as I did this change, I rebooted the Netduino and it worked!! Thanks a ton Mario! As you can see I am new to this SPI + Netduino combo. I took the SPI code off the of SPI Wiki and didnt know where to go from there. Thanks again! Adam :D

In Topic: AD5206 Digi Pot with SPI code....?

06 August 2011 - 02:54 PM

So I cant figure out how to control this thing....

According to the arduino info I found, I need to send it two bytes, one with the channel, the other the level but I cant figure it out.

While reading the arduino code and other sources it seems you need to send a signal to the SPI device to start to "read" and then when you are done you send it another signal to stop it. I couldnt find any info in the SPI-Netduino Wiki so does the Netduino do this automatically?


// take the SS pin low to select the chip:
  //  send in the address and value via SPI:
  // take the SS pin high to de-select the chip:

Any ideas?

The AD5206 is SPI-compatible,and to command it, you send two bytes,
one with the channel number (0 - 5) and one with the resistance value for the
channel (0 - 255).

SPI.Configuration Device1 = new SPI.Configuration(
               Pins.GPIO_PIN_D10, // SS-pin
               true,             // SS-pin active state
               0,                 // The setup time for the SS port
               0,                 // The hold time for the SS port
               true,              // The idle state of the clock
               false,             // The sampling clock edge
               1000,              // The SPI clock rate in KHz
               SPI_Devices.SPI1    // The used SPI bus (refers to a MOSI MISO and SCLK pinset)

            SPI SPIBus = new SPI(Device1);

            byte[] WriteBuffer = new byte[1];
            WriteBuffer[0] = (0); // I'm just trying to control the first channel.
            byte[] WriteBuffer1 = new byte[1];
            WriteBuffer[0] = (255); // I've set this to various values from 0-255 while testing.

            SPIBus.Write(WriteBuffer); //Writing byte 1??
            SPIBus.Write(WriteBuffer1); //Writing byte 2??

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