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In Topic: Building a robot for home automation

04 February 2012 - 05:09 AM


thanks a lot for taking the time to share your thoughts, especially your excellent recommendations - I highly appreciate it! I've begun to outline the process of modeling the hardware and software, I'll be certain to let you know when I have something on paper, so to speak.

Thanks again,


Yeah no problem I love to have my voice heard.Posted Image Speaking of that, have you thought about adding voice communications to your robot? For example a text-to-speech module for audio feedback from your robot and a voice recognition module so your robot can understand what you want and you can communicate with it using words. If you decide to do this check these out: text-to-speech Voice recognition

Just a question, but what is your intended budget for this project?

If you're going to make it look like a human, i recommend basing your hands on something like this unless you want your robot to be able to pick up desks or carsPosted Image(pretty cool if it could). You could replace the glove part of the project with a piece of code to control the fingers.

Something that would be hella amazing would be if you created a wax "skin" to give it a human-like appearance.

Finally, I'm not much of a software person(i can get my code working but i cant do anything fancy), but when it comes to hardware i am confident to say that i know basically everything about it so if you have any questions or need advice, shoot me an email or just ask here on the forum.

Oh ya and by the way if you're why should i take advice or even listen to some 14 year old idiot, i build robotS over weekends when i get bored. I am currently working on a R/C helicopter equipped with gps navigation, autonomous flight, crash prevention, and last-case-scenario anti motor damage, all controlled by a netduino mini inside the heli(programmed by me).

In Topic: Hibernate mode

02 February 2012 - 12:58 AM

Is there an update on this? Summer and Fall of 2011 has come and gone. Would love to have this feature to put the board to full sleep.

Just an opinion, but you could use a RTC or a timer of some sort with a outpin which you could connect to your netduino and set a few alarms on the rtc to send an on/off signal to the pin, which would go to a digital flipflop?

Another option is to use the watchdog timer in a way that it was not intended to be used. Just a few suggestions. Good luck with getting the hibernate working!

In Topic: Building a robot for home automation

01 February 2012 - 05:55 AM

- control home automation via ZigBee

Just a personal opinion, but i would recommend these RF Transmitters and Receivers:
Transmitters - 315MHZ Receivers - 315MHZ
434MHZ 434MHZ

I would recommend these because one pair costs 3 times less than 1 xbee. Then with a couple more lines of code, you can use the same frequency for all your devices but with a special "password" so that only the intended device receives the data and processes it. Then you can buy arduino chips, relays, transistors, and small project enclosures which you can plug in wherever there is a device you want to control and have a reciever inside of it which turns the relay on or off depending on the command you send. One of these "control units" would cost less than 1 xbee. This is what I would do.

The turtle-bot seems nice, and it would, as you mention Chris, be a heck of a lot easier to program, yet I have a vision of doing a more human-like, for lack of better ways to describe it, robot, with cameras for eyes and a microphone for a nose, for example, to further invite the concept of a helping hand into my household, for the robot to gain wife-acceptance and, well, I feel the desire to learn a lot more about micro-controlling and electronics in general.

If you can build a frame/body for an android bot go for it. In my eyes it will be easier to code it than create it. I imagine it will look something like this but larger and a smoother walking ability so as not to wobble like a drunk penguin. If you do decide to create it, try using powerful servos to move the "joints." Software wise, one can create a library that all you have to write in your code is ie: leftarm(extend); I think that this will be an amazing project and if you have the budget/time, go for it.

Ill add more to my reply with ideas if you want my input.

In Topic: What happened to Aref and 3V3?

30 January 2012 - 12:53 AM

Hello Everybody!

I decided to go poking around my Netduino Mini with my multimeter (Which could explain why I continually have to replace netduinos and arduinos) and found not only 3.3v but .8v as well on the netduino mini. If you decide to tap into these voltages make it so only if you cant possibly buy a voltage regulator. I should also add that i am using a $300 soldering station and a very precise multimeter, so don't try to do this if you have one of these soldering irons that have a tip bigger than my finger because you will kill your netduino. I have pointed out the locations of these voltages on a picture that can be viewed on the following link because it was too big to be attached. link: http://i1148.photobu...v3/IMG_7158.jpg



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