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#41196 N+2 and (not so) TinyCore

Posted by MarkNic on 07 December 2012 - 09:33 PM

Hi MarkNic,

Good info; thanks for sharing this.

Have you thought about changing to a System.Threading.Thread-based or System.Threading.Timer-based model?


That part of the code was originally part of a component that I didn't build and over time I've replaced all almost all of the functionality through different means. The timer was something I hadn't messed with because it was working. Unfortunately, until now I hadn't taken the time to review the impact of that one single "feature".

I had the same thought as you and created a new timer today by extending a Threading.Timer and it works great and Drops the code size by ~60K. Because of that, I think my app may even fit on a N+1. I'll try that later.

I wonder who's bright idea it was to name that assembly "TinyCore"? Whoever it was, I'm sure they're still giggling.


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