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In Topic: Open Source uIP porting project

09 March 2012 - 01:08 PM

I'm also still very interested in this project. IPv6 & 6LoWPAN is still the way to go for me. But although NETMF is a logical choice for me, I'm also looking (or at least peeking) at other platforms that have an IPv6 stack already (e.g. those with a working Contiki port). If I choose to stay with NETMF, getting uIP ported is essential. I've had a look at the inner workings of the NETMF Porting Kit a little while ago, but I haven't yet succeeded to build the Netduino solution without errors. And with lots of other things to do, this kind of moved to the background. Meanwhile, hoping this porting project would get started and I could contribute a little along the way :P. In theory I should be able to get my head around it all and get this porting project started. I have plenty of experience with microcontrollers, assembler, C, etc. and I really like the challenge :D. I will have another look at the Porting Kit and uIP.

In Topic: Open Source uIP porting project

30 December 2011 - 08:53 AM

That is a good find. I couldn't find it either, so I've been looking at the uIP TCP/IP stack that's part of Contiki. The separate uIP stack seems outdated to me, and doesn't support IP6 and 6LoWPAN (which are really important to me). Documentation of uIP as part of Contiki can be found here: There's also IP6 and 6LoWPAN specific information there. @hanzibal: I've been looking at the porting kit as the way to incorporate the uIP stack in NETMF. Is this the direction you were thinking of? I'm still having some trouble compiling the NETMF for the Netduino. Does anyone here have experience with that?

In Topic: Open Source uIP porting project

08 August 2011 - 04:52 AM

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to let you know I'm almost ready to start porting. The only thing between me and NetduIP is a 2 week vacation.

I'm done 'playing' with the Netduino :P and got familiair again with basic electronics, PWM, ADC, steppermotors, LCD's and so on. I wrote some posts about it on my blog. There are a few posts left to write during my vacation. Which I'll need to publish afterwards, as my laptop is staying at home on my wife's orders :(.

So, who is or will be contributing to this project as well? And who is volunteering for testing? I don't think I can, or should, take this on alone. I need some people to brainstorm and think together with about how we pull this off. E.g. how close do we stay to the original uIP? It's written in C, we're working in OO, and as Szymon already mentioned, we should leverage what's in NETMF already. And what's the best way to incorporate it into the NETMF/Netduino firmware? How do we support different hardware/shields and make others able to support more? These are just a few questions that came up and that I would really like to talk about with a few people.

And talking about hardware. I have a Netduino Plus, so I'm mostly set for networking with that. But I don't mind ordering some more hardware to be able to test NetduIP on a few other configurations. Like a 'regular' Netduino and the Mini with some of the available shields. So can you guys tell me what hardware you are using? That way I can decide on what to order. Thanks.

In Topic: Netduino with Adafruit Motor Shield

04 August 2011 - 08:33 AM

Another odd thing I just noticed, is that the interleave steptype does not provide a proper cycle. There are 8 stages in the switch statement that determines which coils to activate (at the end of the OneStep method). Using the interleave steptype, all stages are used. After stage 7, instead of restarting at 0, there is a stage 8. For 8, there is no case statement, so all coils are deactivated. This is also very noticeable in the rotation of the steppermotor, as the rotation isn't smooth and a full 360 degree rotation isn't completed while it should according to the number of steps. Anybody else noticed this?

In Topic: Netduino with Adafruit Motor Shield

04 August 2011 - 08:09 AM

First of all, thanks guys! This thread has been very helpful getting my motorshield and steppermotors to work. One question though. Could it be that the single and double steptypes are swapped? I'm assuming single means activating a single coil at a time and double means activating two coils at a time. The code does exactly the opposite. Also, I can't get the microstep type of operation to work. The code throws exceptions because the part that determines the pwm duty cycles, is accessing outside the boundaries of the microstepCurve array (index 17, while the array size is 17). I tried to fix the code, but I need to get a decent understanding of microstepping first :unsure: . Has anybody tried this and, maybe, already fixed it? Thanks in advance.

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