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In Topic: ISR in interop

22 August 2014 - 02:33 AM

About the issue.



For using ISR in interop, should follow "PK Convention" not "MDK Convertion" what I used.

In Topic: ISR in interop

20 August 2014 - 06:52 AM



When you use your ISR handler, have you disabled/removed the one in the firmware? There will be a conflict - .NET Micro Framework does not have any support for hardware resource sharing/management, so one must be a little bit careful when adding custom functionality.



Surely, I disabled default one in PK source. I changed those with stub file which has no implementation.

CPU_INTC_ActivateInterrupt(g_STM32_UART_Irq[uartNum], STM32_USART_Interrupt0, 0);


GPIO ISR is used in STM32_GPIO_functions.cpp to handle pin interrupts, does not do anything with USART.



You're right. While I track the reference, I missed the right target.






In Topic: ISR in interop

20 August 2014 - 12:24 AM

Thanks, CW2


You should be able to hit a breakpoint in an ISR handler - if you can't, it can indicate it is never called (do you actually activate/enable it in your code?).


Right. I tested it with usart function in porting kit provided in official site. When I remove initialization code, related ISR handler is not accessible(ISR is registered in init part)


But my code is confirmed in native project(Keil), now I'm finding the problem.



What version of Netduino do you have? Are you developing a port for a new microcontroller? There is already USART ISR handler implemented in the firmware - you can use it as a reference for things needed to get it work (e.g. configure pins, enable peripheral clock, activate interrupt, setup USART module, use locks etc.).


I'm using my own board, and it has STM32F429. Many functions are based on netduino. I adopted it in a variety of cases and specification, confidential




Default PK use GPIO ISR handler for checking out the stream on usart. I will test and share results.




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