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#57871 NetDuino Plus trying to connect to internet

Posted by boiacchi on 01 May 2014 - 12:12 PM

Hi Guys,


I have fixed it. I was using MDDeploy 4.3 while the netduino plus was on 4.2. I have installed the netduino SDK 4.2 and it worked!


In regards internet connection I have manually set the ip address along with the subnet mask  and it worked too!


Please contact me if you step in the same issue and I'll try to help you

#37487 Flashing 4.2 failed

Posted by boiacchi on 21 October 2012 - 01:00 AM

Hi guys,

unfortunately I was trying to flash the 4.2 on my netduino mini too late last night and I did it wrongly :-((

while I was deploying it I receive a message from MF Deployoment tool saying that the deployment fail.

I was doing it using an FTDI basic board but I did't Flash the TinyBooterDecompressor.bin using SAM-BA v2.12+ as showed


I have tried to reset my netduino aplying +5 at the little gold square on the top of the chip but now when I try to ping

it using the MF Deployoment tool it seems it cannot find it "Pinging... Error: No response from device"

Is there any way to restore the old firmware on my netduino mini?

Another thing that I notice is that the procedure to flash the TinyBooterDecompressor is done by using the SAM-BA software but it does not show my chip type which is at91sam7x512-cu (there is only at91sam7x512-ek) :-((

Could you please help me ?

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