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Flashing Mini over 3.3 TTL instead of RS232

10 June 2011 - 03:23 PM

Hi guys

Since most of us don't have native COM ports on our PCs anymore I also got the little SparkFun FTDI TTL UART that allows me to program my Mini via USB. This all works very well. In the past I had to reflash my regular Netduinos a couple of times using Samba and MFDeploy to magically resurrect them. So I thought I'd better figure the process to reflash the Minis out before I need it urgently - especially with the equipment I've got.

I found a couple of nice sets of instructions how to reflash Minis (http://financecoding...-netduino-mini/ & http://forums.netdui...lash-your-mini/) but both use USB -> RS232 or regular RS232 COM ports to get Samba to talk to the Mini. Is there a way to use the TTL UART to flash the board without using pins 1 & 2 but rather pins 11 & 12 for the whole process? I'm not sure if the choice of TTL or RS232 firmware will make a difference?

Thanks for everyone contributing to such a great community.



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