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In Topic: Netduino Plus 2 Firmware v4.3.1

24 October 2014 - 05:25 AM



I have done something wrong ( still do not know what ) but I can not get my NPlus2 to work any more. If I connect the device to the laptop it shows up in the upgrade menu as Netduino Plus 2, I then run the upgrade and it looks all fine. But in MFDeploy the device is not visible. 


If I look at the device manager on the PC I can only get the device visible as STM device in DFU mode. If I connect the device without pressing the reset button I get "unkown device" in de device manager. 


I have been looking for a dfu file for the but I could not find this. I have also tried to load the 4.3.0 Beta dfu file. This loads successfull on the device but I can again not see it in MFDeploy.


Please help me what I am doing wrong as right now my NPlus2 is useless ( and it used to work fine on )


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I had the same problem with my N+2 this evening. Upgrade worked fine, but couldn't get the darn thing to load up in MFDeploy or show up in Visual Studio.


I ended up uninstalling the Netduino SDK, and the .NETMF SDK. Reinstalled both (.netmf first, netduino second) and low and behold, the I can now see the device.


Hope that helps

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