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AREF again!

25 January 2013 - 04:59 PM

Hi All,


I have looked but been unable to clarify the situation regarding AREF on the new Netduino 2.  Can someone help?


For the original Netduino we had REVA without AREF connected and REVB with it connected (I think).


I have just bought some Netduino 2s, and the board (REV.A) labels the 'digital pin 15' (after 12, 13 and then GND) with a blank.  The web page labels the GND + blank as POWER.  The new Netduino 2 schematic diagram at:

labels it as AREF, but then shows that it is unconnected (so it isn't AREF).




Further to this, if AREF is connected to an internal reference, then presumably we must not connect it to anywhere else (like a 1V reference) for obvious reasons.  If the AREF pin is connected to the ARM (VDDA ?), then without a connection there is no reference for the AD converter (and therefore we must always provide one).


Now, I also notice an IOREF pin has sprung up beside /RESET. What is the purpose of this (and might I need to connect it to AREF)? 


Thanks all - still a great product!



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