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#15759 Accelerometers and how to use them.

Posted by loveelectronics on 21 July 2011 - 03:42 PM

Hi Guys,

I run Love Electronics in England, and I'm putting together some tutorials on how to use the netduino. The first is a series of articles on creating an inertial measurement unit with the netduino. This particlar tutorial deals with accelerometers, and how we can use their readings to calculate the tilt of the device.

The article walks you through how your accelerometer works, and what benefits and problems it introduces. We then explain how to get your netduino hooked up to the sensor, by means of I2C, with the library we have released for it. Once we have the sensor connected, you are walking though collecting that data and visualising it with a WPF application, before filters are explained in a simple to understand way.

Accelerometers and how to use them: netduino

I think it may be of use to some of you guys here, and would appreciate it if you guys thought it usefull, to give it a tweet or like on facebook.

(Love Electronics)

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